Is GSA SER Plus SCRAPEBOX Enough To Get Sites Ranked In The Top 10 Google Listings!

Hi guy`s,

This might sound like a stupid question, but just have to ask it! can one compete with the top guys by using GSA SER and SCRAPEBOX to get their sites into the top 10 listings in google?

I have both along with the best spinner and get article and also GSA Indexer, GSA Captcha breaker. So realistically is this enough firepower to be successful ? I would love to hear some feedback from those that are getting results as I am quite new to the SEO scene.

Looking forward to some feedback and advise!


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    Short answer is yes, absolutely. My advice is to read everything on this forum detailing the tool. 

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    mo1962mn ,an honest answer will be no, there is much more to SEO in 2015 than just building backlinks using gsa ser,you need to learn how to optimize your site first ,how to create content/where to outsource,social signals and much much more.stuff...take your time and learn the basics,its fun,trust me..One more simple advise i can give u based on my experience is,i hope u are in this game because u love it and not to make quick $$ , if so,u will be dissapointed and most probably give up..

    Cheers mate! :)
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    maybe a few years back you could have done it. not  in 2015. remember, seo is a moving target. the landscape changes constantly. what works today will not work next year. with that said, be careful in what you do today because it will affect your site in the future. if you want to churn and burn, yes, you can rank short term, and then move on to a new domain when G blows the current one out of the water.
    SB and GSA are both great tools. I would recommend SBv2 though. Huge difference in performance. You will also need a 2.0 tool. Read through the posts in this forum. Most prefer either FCS or RankWyz. I have used both, but now only use FCS, 
    SEO is now more about strategy than tools. We all know what tools to use. It is how you use them that yields results good/bad.
    There are a lot of talented and generous people on this forum and I have benefited greatly by asking questions and learning.
    Good luck.
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    Doing it in 2015.... totally disagree... sorry

  • dannygdannyg Planet Earth, Or Is It
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    I have used SER gotten main sites on page 1 in Google. I only used SER and I didn't even use all the link types. I was playing around and damn it's a year later and that site is still on page 1 in Google.

  • GatesGates
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    Make sure you either have a good vps to run the seo tools or a excellent home network and extra personal server. I run on a home network using a 12 Core (24 vCore) 48GB Ram server with a 1Gig network. 
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
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    Remember all tools are just ... tools. You can rank using a chrome/mozilla browser heh
  • mo1962mnmo1962mn ireland
    There seems to a mix of opinions on this topic, which is very interesting and I think it proves that its not all about the tools you use to achieve your objective its probably how good or experienced at using them one is?

    Is there anyone on here that would be wiling to give me a bit on coaching via video on GSA and SB as I have the basic but need a helping hand and I don't mind paying for it.

    Just want to say THANKS to all that replied to my questions! I really appreciate you sparing your time as i`m sure you are busy.

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