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My GSA SER Method that absolutely KILLS IT FOR ME

I have picked up some great tips here over the years, and GSA SER has made me very successful. When I first got into SEO I knew nothing, but I was great with computers and more importantly making money. I came from the AOL Spam Days where I made a killing with the NiteLine Dialer, as well as other Porn Affiliate Programs.

This is my way of giving back to a forum that has helped me out tremendously.  I have developed this GSA Setup and It works very well for me.  The reason behind it is to not waste ANY BACKLINK.  You Dilute your Keywords in seperate campaigns so that you have more control and your Tier Structure only consists of the keyword(s) you are targeting.  Yes you could do it other ways, but iv'e found this method works the best for me.

The Diagram is self explanatory I think.

What I do is Use FCS Networker to Create Web 2.0's To My Money SIte.  Then my Tier Structure is pretty Standard except i only do the keywords i am going after. Each Tier has Supporting and Keyword Dilution Campaigns to Be able to Control Keyword Diversity but ensure your Tiered Campaign is Strictly feeding juice on your Keywords.

Check out the Diagram


  • Well.. thanks for sharing your tips... how many articles do u use per campaign, how highly/low is the spin/spun content? did u use a index service? what kind of low/high keywords competition do u rank?
  • Competition for my keywords vary. Everything from Finance area to Home Improvement, Roofing, Replacement Windows. I use Indexification to Index Everything.

    As Far as Articles. I generate Content in Article Builder (most of the time) or Buy Articles on Fiver and then use Word AI or Spin Rewriter. In Spinners i use the option to remove original text and only use synonms. I once over each article to make sure they are readable (decent anyway).  The end result  is UNIQUE. Sometimes I Buy Super Spun content from people.
  • But I use 5 Spun Articles for Campaign and Never Post on same site again.

    Since each campaign is only 1 Web 2.0 Property from FCS Networker you don't need to use mutliple email addresses or tons of articles. If it is decently spun 5 will do just fine.
  • Also I do this Setup for every Money Site.  If i Need to Expand and do more, I simply do A 2nd FCS Networker Campaign and just Repeat the process. Keep Building Out.

    If i still dont have my keywords then I build some Linkwheels.

    I eventually get top 3 for my keywords.  I have never set out to get a keyword and not gotten it. NEVER.  All it takes is time.
  • great, i use to have success 1 year ago with ur almost same setup. I just start again work with gsa 13 days ago and tried to rank a web2.0 page, still no results 13days later....

    How long does to see results in SERPs to your campaigns?
  • trkhtrkh United States
    wait so you make 2.0s for your 2.0?
  • thanks for sharing thecloud. how old are the web 2.0s that you typically use?
  • Good diagram. How long your ranking taken to display in top 10 or 20 ?
  • @thecloud - Thanks for sharing. Can I ask a couple of questions re the Web 2.0s :

    1) In the 5 spun articles on the web 2.0 does each article have a link to the money site or do you post a couple of articles first with no links ?

    2) If more than one of the 5 spun articles has a link to the money site do you use a different keyword each time ?

    3) When you start to build links to the Web 2.0s are you doing links to each of the 5 pages / posts or just a link to the home page of the web 2.0 ?


  • Will try this on my old site, btw interested on the answers on @filescape questions :)

  • 1) first i post generic article; im tom and im blah blah years old i work for blah blah; this is my sites about "niche" with up to date info and just ramble on. Wait 2 weeks and hit with articles 

    2) 1 article with link per site. once it has 1 link its done linking to me.

    3) Home page and to article
  • yes i make 2.0's to 2.0's
  • Ill never see rankings after 13 days, google algo is funny. sometimes ill see updates every 2 weeks
  • @thecloud yeah... thanks for answers. keep what u doing!:)
  • @thecloud - Thanks...all clear
  • edited April 2015
    @thecloud on the T3 main / T3 support / T3 KW dilution - where should I point my link for them? Same for T2's
  • @thecloud how many web 2.0 do you build to start with?

  • whatever sticks in FCS Networker @micb11

    T3 you only link to T2 Main, Just as Tier 2 Main only Links Tier 1 Main. The Supporting and Keyword Tiers are there but your not building links INTO Them. @shadir41

    Why build links to a keyword of no use to you...
  • @thecloud it is funny how everyone interprets things differently. Your tier 1 on your diagram are you linking to your FCS accounts or are you linking straight to money site as well ?

  • Tier 1 Links to FCS
  • The Only Links going to my money site are created in FCS.
  • @thecloud So I don't understand the link dilution if the only links that are going to your money site are from FCS then why do you need it. 

    What anchor text are you using on the FCS accounts?
  • If your building links to tiers, you still need to vary anchor text

  • @thecloud but do you not need link diversity to the money site. If i did a campaign in FCS with 1 email account then i could get max of xx accounts set up. If I was targeting 1 keyword and used exact anchor to the money site from FCS then I would have 100% same anchor text to money site?

    Just trying to understand this.

  • Thanks man! Much appreciated. The wrinkle about have two variations to your T1 and T2 is new to me in terms of having one version with anchor diversity and another with no variation. I will try that. 

    Thanks again. 
  • @thecloud, thanks for clearing it out for me :)
  • This is really confusing. So.......Tier 3 keyword dilution and Tier 3 supporting - link to Tier 3 main and Tier 3 main links to Tier 2 main?
  • nothing links inside its own tier, everything links to main tier of previous tier. supporting and keyword dilution are there just to be there. so u can control your aanchor variation easier. thats the whole point of this. i know if i keep keyword dilution running 98% ahead of main, my density is right at 2% - and i dont waste time tier link building to urls that arent gonna help me
  • FCS web 2 KW DIlution in above picture, is GSA Links, so if u have 55 FCS networker sites u want to build enough links to dilute keyword to 2 percent, simple
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