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GSA is not sending to CB for me after V1.50

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I noticed that I couldn't drag CB over to one of my other monitors and I actually had to use task manager to end process. Once I restarted it, I noticed it said there was an update for it. Once I updated it, I noticed it was not solving captchas at all, and I watched if for about 20 minutes. When I tested CB via GSA, it said "CB is not running or responding". I didn't do anything different and I know for sure it was working about an hour prior to all this.

Has anyone else noticed anything after the update? GSA also won't open CB and says for me to do it myself because it can't. Hmm, not sure what to do, seems GSA might be acting weird and not working with CB. Oh - and CB tests fine and hits the server (can check to see if there are updates available).


  • i get the same message "CB is not running or responding" when testing. Also is not working at all with UD
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Same message with me.
  • according to another user it is fixed when your run all tools as administrator
  • Maybe a bit unrelated but isn´t it an idea for CB have the same update bar in the bottom right as SER? I was still unaware of any updates and on version V1.49 until I read this. I think many people just leave CB running 24/7 and so they won't get a pop up when a new version is released.
  • Well, woke up this morning to a new update to GSA and CB and now they work absolutely perfect! Niiiice.
  • edited January 2013
    I'm impressed, wow.
  • I have to run both programs as adminsitrator to solve this issue, why i have to do this now?
  • SvenSven
    @rodol actually I have no clue. Must be some strange right management in latest Windows that disallows you to share memory between two programs that are run by a different user.
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