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***Captcha Suggestion Thread***

edited January 2013 in Feature Requests
Post the captcha you like to get added to CB.

To speed up this process its best when you
- post exact url(s) of the captcha
- upload a decent amount of samples (+50) and rename the images according to the answers
<----- if captcha answer is "Jdf4k2" than the file name has to be like "Jdf4k2.jpg"


  • SvenSven

    Oh nice toppic :) The latest share are yours Ozz I guess?

  • I guess, my footprints are all over the place ;)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Let me know if you run out of images for any Ozz

    Todays ser release is running on steroids

    All I have to do is save the unsolved for a few hours to help out from here

  • the latest definitions i've added should have had no real effect on SER, but could be also seen as engine requests for SER as well ;)

    i bookmarked tons of web20 alike sites with captchas. once the platform trainer will be availabe those should be really helpful.
  • edited January 2013
    "once the platform trainer will be available"

    Is this something that's coming to SER or CB? Any threads you could point me to telling me about this, it sounds interesting.
  • SvenSven
    The platform trainer should have been done like months back. I didn't had time to finish it in a proper/userfriendly way. Than I decided to make this Captcha Breaker before investing time into the platform trainer. Once all bugs/glitches of CB are fixed I will continue on that trainer again.
  • sven you truly are a monster with this;  cheers.  And so there isn't any misunderstanding this is a pat on the back-a compliment. 
  • Sven, you should share % to Ozz,  Ozz make much contribute to gsa.
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