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Import List to Project VS. Add to Global Site List

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Now seriously guys, what is the difference between these 2 and the way to go. Few Q's along:

1. Import to Global List will identify sites and make these imported ones available for ALL projects? Import To project will only make them be used by 1 project BUT as the program hums along, submitted and verified urls will increase, and if you use Global Site list enabled on other projects, these will pull submits and verifieds from the Global list ? Is this correct?

2. So if i have 2 projects and want to import directly, then i will import my list to both projects directly right?

3. If we import large lists (1mil) directly into project or to global list what about the trash urls that could not submit to. Are these purged automatically by the program. I worry some tiny file will swell seriously up and slow down the program. How to keep your global list clean and neat and get rid of trash AFTER all your projects ran through it?




  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    1) yes

    2) you can do that, or in case that this list is the same for both projects, import and identify the list to project A first and then import the identified site lists to project B from file

    3) define thrash?if the URL could not be identified by now than it doesn't get into the global list.
    to keep the list clean you can delete duplicate domains/urls (advanced -> tools -> delete ...) every now and then.
    about "slowing down the program". this question has Sven to answer  because he knows how the program deals with the lists but I don't have read any complaints about it by now. and there are many GSA power users by this time.
  • So if i have like 5 projects around the same niche running at the same time. Would you recommend to import the site list via Global, or import it just to one project and then set all projects to use Global sites list and and disable the Sengines?
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    I don't know if I quite understand you. What do you mean by import the site list via global? If you import a list than they are global??!

    However, as you are running the same niche for all project you could do one of the following.

    a) feed your global site list with pre-scraped URLs, import them directly into one of your projects and force all projects to use global list by uncheck SEs. You can split your pre-scraped list into 5 parts and feed every project with one part.

    or b) force 3-4 projects to use global site lists and use 1-2 project(s) as a site list feeder with enough SEs and keywords.

    In both cases you should keep an eye on the log for the case that you run out of target URLs
  • Ok, what i mean is:

    Right mouse on project -> Import Target Urls from File


    Options -> Advanced -> Tools->Import Urls, identify and sort in

    Which one to use ?
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    Ok. In this case use "Import target URLs from file". Use "Identify URLs" only if you want to feed your list in the background when each project has something to post to.

    I would split your list into 5 parts and import to every project one part. This will feed your global list and each project has resource to the list once the imported URLs are done.
  • Great :) Will do. Thanks
  • @squirrelhunter

    As per your OP, if you use the advance>import to global sites lists option, the list is simply sorted to recognized platforms then you have the option to save unrecognized at the end, no files are kept in memory etc.

    If you import direct into a project, it loads the file in batches to reduce memory load. It does however save all processed urls to a file, which is checked against to avoid double posting. This will grow over time, which is likely* to have some impact on performance (*i may be wrong), so if you are processing a massive list, probably best to sort it 1st rather than add it direct. Once sorted, you can then import direct from the sorted list(s).
    There is also an option to 'use global site lists only' but i do not fully understand how this works, and have found simply importing them directly to be quicker.
  • This will be awesome for all of the blasts, high pr comments/posts, services I've bought over the years (not from Fiverr, btw). I didn't realise GSASER sorted them itself, that's going to be a big help ;)
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