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question about list-identified

hello every one ,

I have a question about list-identified .
I have import scraping url links to list-identified and run all project from list-identified , now the problem has happen :
1: if the GSA remove the links when one of project have post the links ,then other project will not post this links ,so it will waste the links, right ?

2: if the GSA will not remove the links after the project have post it , then ,today I import 100K links into, tomorrow import 150K ,,day by day , the list-identified will very big, and next time when we run it, it will waste time on search the links and alreay post or duplicate post .

So, anyway the list-identified is a bad things , right ? or it have another working way ?
Can you please explain how the list-identified or verifty links works ?

thanks everyone .


  • identified links are links that have been identfied in terms of their respective platforms,verified links are links that someone posted to and got his/her backlink verified.
    good thing about identified is at times they can be less spammy,since,not many people have posted their links to them,verified on the other hand ,depends on how many people use the list, the more people use the list,the less effective the links become

    Hope this helps :)
  • Tim89Tim89
    Aha we have a winner! ;)
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