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CS for Recaptcha etc

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Hi Guys - Just bought CB, installed it and without touching any settings in SER it just kicked in and started working. 'Nice!' I thought :)

Then I noticed that it was ignoring the Recaptcha submissions (skipped by settings) ok, must be a phase 2 thing.  No problem, I'll setup CS as option 2 so at least It can have a pop at them.  Been messing around for an hour now with no luck on this tactic so questions if I may:

Q1: Is there a way of getting CB to solve Recaptcha's as the software stands at the moment so I don't have to try and set CS as a backup option?

Q2:  Has anyone managed to tweak their SER setting to enable CB to be the first option and have CS as their second?  Is there a magic tick box I'm missing?

Cheers and thanks in advance



  • If you use GSA SER, you can set CB as the first option and CS as second. Easy peasy.
  • Take a look at this thread which cover this topic.
  • The problem is that CaptchaBreaker isn't attempting to solve recaptcha because (skipped by settings) ... I too am having this problem, how can we enable Recaptcha in the software?
  • SvenSven
    check the box on the captcha type + disable the option to skip solving if the success rate is below a certain percentage.
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