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100% increase in LpM after using CB

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Since I bought CB and started using it - I have noticed 100% increase in my LpM.  It used to be 6-7 earlier with CSX and now with CB it has jumped to 14-15 LpM.

My config is:
I have a VPS with 2 core and 2 GB along with SER running at 40 threads and SI running at 20 threads.  Both cores hover around 80/90%.

Some of the settings I used are:
* Started using CB (had the other one before)
* I also reduced my automatic verification to custom at every 6 hours (360 minutes) on few T2 runs (about 50%) and 1 day (1440 minutes) for other T2 runs (for the rest).
* I have also disabled the logs on both SER and CB.

Anybody else have other recommendations to maximize the LpM? (I know, I know it depends on case by case basis - but anything would help).


  • LPM stand for?
  • Links per Minute. You can see it in the status bar of SER at the bottom.
  • It kinda sounds like you're complaining that your LPM has gone up 100%.
    Isn't getting a higher LPM a good thing?
  • @woja it depends. If you're going after quantity, yes. Links per minute is a metric used to evaluate the performance of GSA and its ability to submit links but this metric is very subjective. Quantity != Quality.
  • @woja - I am not complaining rather I am delighted to see the difference a few tweaks make.  I am now wondering what all I am missing that can be tweaked and thus asking the experts on the forum.
  • @woja, i don't see @chutney complaining. How can you said that.. haha

    Congrad, @Hyde also help me to know better using GSA SER to maximize the LpM. Try to edit the Thread, HTML number. It will effect the GSA SER submission, but please run this perfmon (start-run-perfmon) to monitor your  CPU usage and keep it under 85%.
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