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Do I need to index the GSA URL redirect links?

URL redirecd software produces 1000s of links seamlessly and it eats my indexification account really fast. Do I really need to index those links for google to get them indexed?

also, how do i use the keywords option while using a url list? whenever i upload a url list and press start, the keyword slot is getting empty 



  • I've used a lot of indexing services in the past few years.

    I no longer use them, I feel they are a waste of time and leave a footprint.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited March 2015
    Not all indexing services leave footprints, @IdentifiedURLs I have seen you mention this a few times now so it is evident to me that you don't know how things work when it comes to indexing so may I suggest you quit spreading bullshit and stick to what you're good at.

    In reality indexing methods vary, not all methods leave footprints, I'd recommend asking the service provider if youre on the fence.

    I'd recommend having your redirects crawled at least, once they have been crawled they should carry weight onto the referred domain.

    For an SEO that doesn't believe in actively trying to index their links is a moron, even if it means you are doing this in house by building tiers or by pinging urls or having a service to do it for them, everyone will benefit by indexing the links you build otherwise it's pointless building links.
  • if i do a gsa redirect campaign for 1000 links and each link gets 1000 redirects, then i'll finish may daily capacity at indexification only for 1 campaign? this is redicuilous...
  • Tim89Tim89
    Well then check alternatives, there are many that don't cap your daily usage, even crawling/pinging services.
  • @tim89

    What's funny is you said NOT ALL OF THEM leave a footprint, so you agree with what I said which is "and they leave a footprint"

    I never once said THEY ALL LEAVE A FOOTPRINT and you agreed NOT ALL LEAVE A FOOTPRINT, which makes what I said completely valid and leaving you look like an ass which is what you did once before.

    On the ass scale, looks like your 2-0 here pal. When it comes to not knowing what you talk about, you sure are winning the race on that.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Someone has got to get rid of the trash in here.
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited March 2015
    Of course you do like any backlink, to be found by search engines they need to be indexed
  • Indexing is possibly the most important part of the process for our businesses.
    Regardless of your chosen method it works better.
    Have done tests side by side with and without, links indexed by a good service always get found at a better rate and provide better ranking than the non-indexed links ever do. This is for squeaky clean white hat and up!
  • Which indexing service works best for you all?
  • Using Instant Link Indexer which allows scheduling a month out and hits over 70% and has a daily amount/limit.
    Express Indexer which has 1 Million a month package which rolls over month to month- I like this approach, it seems fair and worth the price. Wish I could do that with WordAi ;-)
  • Tim89Tim89
    You can create any drippable time frame with EI, you could have a campaign stretch out as long as you wish
  • A lot better approach is to simply build backlinks to your links instead of using an indexing service.

    Maybe even using a tool like URL redirect pro to do it yourself.
  • Do i need to index the url redirect pro links?
  • @IndentifiedURLs are you sure? Or is it just a dig at Tim89? Backlinking backlinks does not ensure that the above will get does T2 pointing at the T1 get indexed? By a T3....what about that one....T4....when does it end. I run EI and have used nearly all of the others out therem and stick with EI because it works on my multiple tier projects. Some projects are 15 deep...

    As a wise man once said (it was me...): "An unindexed backlink is a waste of fucking time"
  • And the moral of the story is ...

    "An unindexed backlink is a waste of fucking time"

    - JudderMan
  • It sounds like many of you only want to use an indexing service because you dont want to spend the time to build backlinks then. I gather this from @JudderMan comments about where does it end. No one is saying you need an infinite level TX campaign. You decide at some point to say you want your campaigns TX levels deep and you just only go 1 level below that.

    Also, what good is an indexed link if Google assumes its spam in a few weeks and removes it or discredits it later?

    Unless you try both ways and measure out the success on multiple campaigns, you don't know. Personally, I've used multiple indexing services over the course of 2.5 years. I didn't see worthwhile progress compared to just building my own backlinks to them.

  • It's actually easier to build new backlinks. Taking the time and effort to properly evaluate and filter the ones you do have by whatever metrics are important to a campaign, sorting and then submitting to appropriate indexing service and scheduling the drip is a bigger pain in the ass. It does work though.

    God I wish it was as easy as just hammering everything with new  miscellaneous links!
    Ahhh, the good ole days :)
  • edited March 2015
    hammer everything with new misc links still works, it just depends on your goals, your kw/serp, and a few other factors. sure, it isnt like a few years ago though.

    it all just depends on your end goal and where you are currently playing.
  • ^^ not sure why its bolding.. I didnt edit it that way
  • True it does depend on the objective and the kw, as both methods can produce results.
     I'm sure next year will be another new frontier as well.
    Rock N' Roll while it Rock N' Rolls !!!
  • Tim89Tim89
    IdentifiedURLs just likes being insulted, he's like a sponge, he loves the attention he obtains by talking rubbish, every forum needs one! It makes me giggle in real life when I read his posts, very entertaining.

    Just let him be, let him pollute the forums with "yes you can still rank just fine with spam" yes I agree, if you're trying to sell buttplugs for Amazon, as you do and you're going for really low competitive terms, congrats.

    "It all depends on your end goal" - IdentifiedURLs

    Isn't all our end goals the same? Ranking 1 and staying there? Duuuur

    The methods you preach are pointless for longevity.

    The lists you sell are pure shit, you don't even verify them, you're actually selling dogpoo you do realise this, right?

    I feel sorry for the people that waste their money on these forums by buying your identified lists, I really do.

    This isn't about egos or hatred toward anyone, if I saw any newb coming on here trying to blind people with shitty BHW type link building methods and useless screenshots on how to set these campaigns up, which is basically rehashed stuff from other members, pretending to actually give a shit about these new comers and then try to sell them dogshit on top of that, that's low and I will make a point of it.

    As I said in previous comments, you want to buy lists? That's totally up to you BUT at least buy a verified one. Not like @IdentifiedURLs reject lists'.

    I don't listen to @IdentifiedURLs's bullshit and couldn't care less about his theories on indexing, at the end of the day, he is a retard that thinks he can bank on selling identified urls and he obviously has no imagination but to self promote his business by using it as his nick name too!

    I'm an SEO at heart, you're a leech.

    I have several businesses that earns me my income, you obviously don't, if you stoop this low and try to sell identified lists.

    Anyway, you can have little pops at me and my business all you want, it doesn't change the fact you're a shitter, you can register new forum accounts and build them up just to say my service is shit but then you're the one wasting a lot of time and quite frankly a bit psychotic but hey, you're probably on the doll, yes.. Selling those identified lists all the way to the signing on office.

    Ciao for now!

  • edited March 2015

    Anyone on this forum can see what kind of character you are and what kind of person you truly represent.

    You bash other people's services without trying them and I've pointed out your flaws in understanding comprehension and SEO many times on this forum in just the last week alone.

    Not really sure why my nick being my service is such a crime, you have your service name right next to your nick. Kettle calling the pot black much?

    Also, you love to erase and delete your post when proving wrong and I have pointed this out in another thread. So much so, that I made my last 2 responses to you after the hour editing time had past just to prove you wrong so you wouldn't erase it.

    Please do yourself a favor and keep deleting those posts left and right and degrading people on this forum whom you know nothing about and have never tried their services.

    I doubt you rank anything in SEO yourself, so keep pushing those "indexing" services that leave a footprint so you can steal people's verified links that you can later use for yourself.

    Several other people have already pointed out to me in private that when you launched your indexer service you jumped into other people's convos about indexing and bashed competitors just to promote yourself. You're nothing but a worthless troll, every forum should have them and I delight each time you post so I can have a good laugh to start my day with idiots like yourself.

    You admit you have a terrible time with your stick rates on links and battle huge amounts of link loss ( 40-70% ) here:, maybe that's because of the indexing you do that I said leaves a footprint?  Seems like if you have done SEO for a while, you would know what the reliable sources are for keeping and building links by now... Not only do you post to worthless engines, but Google prob de-indexes your links too because of that indexing you do, thus causing the hamster wheel you continue to run along.

    Even in your first paragraph here you go into how people should be building backlinks to their backlinks ( which is what I suggest in multiple posts on this forum ) here:, but then you continue to say in all my posts about it that I am the one that is wrong. Clearly here you agree with me and my methods, but on posts like this you say the opposite. Looks like your a hypocrite. You promote the use and method of tiering and backlink your backlinks unless the post is about indexing and indexing services, which you go against this strategy that even you promote just to push your own services.

    In this post you also tell us about how massive linking got you ranking in high competitive niches and it was all you needed to do ( notice no commenting that he used his own indexing services.. hehe ) here: Just because you are not able to keep up and you suffer from huge link loss from doing SEO the wrong way doesn't mean you have to be jealous of others that can.  You used the same methods I talked about and ranked, but don't want others to know that when I talk about them. You're not able to get good verification rates, but yet you want to tell me and others how to run SER and SEO.. lol You mention this method still works "wonders" for other terms though, but try to bash the method at the same time. Make up your mind boy.

    Some of us don't need to rank #1 to make money all the way to the bank. We don't play in the niches where the kw volume is so low ( like you do ) that we have to be #1 to get substantial traffic.  We can rank #2 or #4 and bank.  Who cares about #1 if you're in the ecommerce business and the #1 and 2 spot is held by Wikipedia? Ranking right below them at #3 when you're the first result to offer them their need ( like in ecommerce ) does just as well as if you were #1 since the #1 and #2 spot can't offer and serve them what they need.

    You don't understand or comprehend that, so I guess I can't be made at you.  However, what good does being #1 mean if you can't even hold it for more than a day?  You seem to extend a lot of energy to try outdated methods to rank for #1, but then admit you suffer huge link losses and can't do it anymore.... what good is being #1 if you can't hold it @Tim89? for more than a day? Seems like "indexing" and your "indexing" service not only doesn't help you get to #1 anymore, but also can't hold it either. Why waste time doing your methods if I am on a hamster wheel daily. 

    It looks like you're the one this really applies to ( using your own words here from above ):
    The methods you preach are pointless for longevity.

    The proof for all this is in your old posts, which you can't delete this time.  

    Ciao for now!

    Please take your ball and go play elsewhere and take that time to learn about SEO and strategy please.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited March 2015
    The difference between you and I is night and day.

    I do not delete posts because I'm wrong, I delete posts to not start little e-battles like this one where you persist in constantly arguing, this back and forth thing is not particularly something I enjoy.

    Lol, you doubt I rank anything myself, OK mate, I do pretty well with my SEO projects, I don't need you questioning my ranking ability, How about yourself?

    I do not "push" my indexing service, This forum is one of the few I actually have a sales thread on, This is by choice, if I did really want to promote my service, wouldn't you think it'll be splattered all over the internet on SEO forums? Warrior forum, Black Hat World, WickedFire? Software developers approach me directly as they want to integrate my service within their tool, people and tools I don't even know or have conversed with before.

    A prime example, if you take a look at my sales thread on this forum, I don't spam adverts or bump my thread constantly with pointless comments and or alerts, unlike some.

    You need to do some research prior to suggesting I am promoting or "pushing" my service around as in reality, it's just not true what so ever and my comment above proves this.

    I'm actually a fairly decent/fair individual and I treat my customers and fellow SEOs that ask me questions with respect, it's people like yourself that brings this "character" of mine out, it has nothing to do with the service I provide, you don't mix business with personal issues.

    Why don't you sign into your real account and we can continue this convo instead of hiding behind a pseudo alter ego, mate. Your grudge toward me isn't normal. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited March 2015
    I'll make another post here considering you've just re-edited your original post.

    My "Stick rates" are nothing to do with indexing rates or leaving footprints you peanut, it's to do with webmasters/admins deleting posts, come on, are you such a novice that you don't understand that?

    Link loss is part of link building, not all links you build are going to last an eternity are they? You speak absolute rubbish, as I said in my previous post, if I was all about self promoting myself, I would do it elsewhere also.

    These little posts/comments you've looked into and deduced that I am an evil self promoter is just your attempt at making me look like the bad guy when in reality, I consider myself a part of this community first so I make suggestions upon facts, not made up stories, If I suggest an "Indexing service" there are many, not just mine.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Lol look at you, constantly editing your post with encore trash, now you've included

    "but Google prob de-indexes your links too because of that indexing you
    do, thus causing the hamster wheel you continue to run along."

    Your a novice man, get a grip of yourself and stop crying and go spam your sales thread.
  • I have no grudge.

    You constantly go into threads I am in and post the garbage that you have posted here. You are the one persisting in the constant bickering and battleing.

    Should I post thread URLs like I did above as proof yet again?
  • edited March 2015
    Are you saying that Google doesn't dis-credit links then, which is a form of link loss since it means the link you build is not credited as counting for your site?

    Are you saying that Google wouldn't possible un-credit links made with questionable or poor link building and indexing methods?

    Oh man, I can't wait for this answer...

    If you answer no, you're a total fail at understanding SEO. If you answer yes.. you just proved what I said above.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I'd like you to log into your real account and then post more URLs, sure.

    I follow bullshit to help others, not for my own benefit, heck don't you think it'll be more profitable for myself "running an indexing service" if I actually promoted the aid of lists? The more links people create, the higher indexing plan they are going to need to purchase (IF THEY USE A SERVICE). you know it would make sense.

    Your profile of me is completely wrong and unjust, you're just trying to attack me on a personal level now and also a business level with your nonsense and preaching it to an audience that doesn't give a damn.

    Would you like a cookie?

  • Tim89Tim89
    I'm not disputing the fact that google devalues the power of links, no.

    I don't consider a devalued link being a deindexed/deleted link as this is what I am able to record and analyse myself and I work on facts, not theories, tell me, how are you to know if and how a link is devalued if the link remains in googles index? without looking into some third party statical data sources that you can never rely 100% on.

    Link loss is links that exist no more, when a webmaster/admin deletes your post, the link returns a 404 error and most of the times gets redirected to the source sites' homepage, google thus deindex's these links as they are dead.

    A devalued link can still be powered up again after time if it remains in the index, penalties are lifted in time, have you ever had a site bounce back up after a year or so? This is my point, backlinks are no different.
  • Ok, you didn't answer the question. BUT I am so proud of you that you didn't delete posts again to back track like you have before.

    Maybe next time you say you don't start arguments with people online, you actually do that.. hmmm ok?

    I'll go ahead and stop this battle. If you wish to continuing posting in this thread with what ever you want, go ahead.

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