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Scrapebox - Best Proxy Service Exclusivelly For "Harvesting Url" on Scrapebox?

cholidsulaimancholidsulaiman Indonesia
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I know this is little bit out of topic,but i also using scrapebox for harvesting url exclusivelly for gsa ser.

I heard that private proxy is not the best option for harvesting url,many users says that public proxy is the better option for harvesting url.

because i try to searching manually for public proxy but the result was terrible,
i've tried private proxy too but this is quite often stopped,harvesting overnight and just got a few thousands,that was irritating really.

Anybody have recomendation for proxy service exclusivelly to harvesting url on scrapebox?
I heard that many user got millions url harvested per day,and i hope that you are one of them
how did you can get that,and what kind of proxies you use?


  • You can scrape with private proxies, just decrease the number of connections for the harvester. 1 connection per 10 proxies is the general rule. And don't use advanced operators like inurl:, etc.
  • delta_squad 
    Private proxies are not way to go if you want harvest serious amount of targets. Thats what doable with very good public proxies (4 sb instances, each harvesting at 20k links per second, ~4.8 milion links per minute):

    If you want to harvest few targets you can try with private proxies. If you want to do some serious harvesting i suggest paid proxy service for SB or Gscraper but prepare to spend at least $30-50 a month.
  • @satyr85 Scrapebox2 rocks doesn't it :)

    Don't forget ProxyBandit from BanditIM on here, very good proxies.
  • @satyr85 what proxy provider do u use if you don't mind to recommend.I am using also SB V2,but got aroun 1000-2000 proxies to scrape with.
    How many proxies do u use?

  • tried proxybandit.
    the result was great for harvesting,

    this is the service what i looking for,

    thx,recommend it for everyone.!

  • @satyr85

    How do you find public proxies?
  • sysco32
    I use my own service. Here is beta test thread of my proxy service.
    Port scanning.
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