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[BETA] Uber Gscraper proxies for harvesting [50 spots]

edited March 2015 in Other / Mixed
Hi guys,

After long months of tests, tweaks and optimization i would like to give you my Gscraper proxy service to beta test (this service work only for Gscraper, it dont work for Scrapebox, Hrefer etc). Service is working 24/7 so you can harvest for days without problems. Here is how service works for my own needs - 8 Gscraper instances, over 1 milion lpm:


With this service you will be able to harvest large amount of backlinks. Service will be free of charge till paid version will be ready - everyone will get 3-7 (or more) days to test service. To use this service dedicated server is recomended. High lpm is possible, but high lpm need alot of cpu and bandwidth.

If you are interested please post here and i will PM you details. Everything is setup manually so it will take some time before i will give you access to my service. One beta tester will get 1 month of service for free.




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