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GSA CB Not breaking Twitter Mobile Captcha

edited January 2013 in Bugs
The twitter mobile captcha is being recognized as a Phoca Guestbook Type see here


And if I chose just the Twitter Captcha then it tells me that is skipped by settings.


Please fix this ASAP as I can't work if is not fixed.



  • what tool you use? maybe the tool converts every captcha to a different file format so CB won't recognise it correctly.
    click "do not use image type for detection" in your options and report back if its working.
  • I developed the tool and no we do not convert the image before sending it but I will try that setting that you recommended and report back
  • Ok Ozz, I tried to use the settings you recommended and it didn't work I am still getting the same thing. GSA CB  says that the captcha is a Pocha Guestbook when is the twitter mobile captcha.
  • SvenSven
    @P0s3id0n you can send the "platform" as well in the post data and have "Twitter" in it as content. Than it would pick that 100%. Though I will also work on improving the detection for it.
  • Thanks Sven we will work into that. I will contact my guy who coded that portion of the software if he gets stuck can he contact you to make sure he understand how to send the platform along with the captcha?

  • SvenSven
    yes sure. but maybe the 1.45 is working better for you. I am just uploading it and it has an improved captcha type detection in it that should work for you.
  • Thanks we also followed your tips and is working great now here for us. Thanks a lot for your help
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