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GSA Verifications become less and less over time

Hey Guys,

I'm wondering why after running projects for a few hours the submission to verification ratio drops?

Emails are all good, Lists havent been exhausted and I'm not getting any "out of article" messages or anything like that, however; I find if I load up a new project the ratio gets better again.


  • Articles too similar? Add more highly spun ones? Add 100s and see what the deal is.
  • Alright, what I'm doing now is importing new content for all platforms.

    How many articles do you guys generally export per project?
  • For Example I ran GSA Last night... 42,000 Submitted.... 2000 Verified.

    Thats a pretty pathetic ratio.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Is that from a raw scrape?
  • Nope, this is from lists. It's actually a bunch of old lists that I'm sorting. Still, that ratio is pretty poor. It's probably slightly better than a scraped list.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yeah, I was going to say, those numbers are pretty similar to my raw scrapes..
  • Yeah I'm not quite sure what the problem is here...

    I'm thinking it might be content related but I'm not sure..

    Anyone use WAC for content? I'm wondering how to import 100+ Articles without Exporting them info Documents (Takes too long)

    WAC ID isnt working for the article tab.
  • i got the same problem !!!!
    40k submitted and 600 verified
  • So I think one of the problems is when importing with WAC is that it adds only ONE Article that is highly spun.

    Is there a tutorial on how to add 100+ articles? Without exporting and Importing? Just using WAC ID?
  • Here's a screencap of my issue.

    As you can see it's only outputting 1 article on the drop down, most others I see that use WAC have MULTIPLE Articles in the drop down. Any WAC users know what I"m doing wrong?
  • leafcrazy

    i put articles manually and i have the same problem
    so i don't think it's a WAC issue
  • I think your problems are the same we are talking about in this thread here
  • Yeah I dont think it's content related either. Ran GSA again last night with fresh content and my ratio was 37k Submissions to 1500 Verifications.

    Anyone figure this out? @Sven
  • SvenSven
    As always, give me an URL to debug things on where you are SURE it's not a server issue, captcha skip thing or other things that are just natural. If you can place a link there manually or with an old version...fine, we have something to work on.
  • I'm not quite sure I know what you mean @Sven
  • @leafcrazy  WAC Xtra -> Settings -> Auto build

  • @unknown717 I've changed those settings. When you Import articles to GSA via WAC do you end up with 1 Giant Spun article or a list of articles?
  • I work woth wac and have same problems.  It doesn't work to import more then 13 using ID. Is a WAC problem.
  • @Idontknow Alright, glad to know its not just me. Still doesnt explain the terrible verification ration that everyone is having though!
  • SvenSven
    @leafcrazy well I don't know how I can be more clear really. I need an URL of an engine you would think needs some fixing because you can submit manually but SER not!
  • @Sven Alright, I'll take a look. I'm not as experienced with SER as the others in this thread so it might be best to continue the discussion there! Others are having issues too =)
  • Didnt want to create a new thread, and didnt want to hijack the other thread.

    I installed version 9.46 of SER and imported all my settings and projects...

    However; none of my projects have the ability to choose any engines, or apply any emails. What Gives?
  • it very well could be the version of SER you are running, but if you are running old verified lists, they are more than likely burnt.

    proxies get banned, pages go 404, emails ge banned

    do you have posting to a domain more than 1 turned on or off?

    lots of variables still in play here.
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