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Spamvilla VS CaptchaTronix VS ReversedProxies

Currently I am Using Captcha Breaker(1st service ) & DBC(2nd Service )
Recently I increased Number of Threads And Using GSA 24X7
By this My DBC Got too much of Captcha requests and It is Costing me Very Much High

Now I am Planing to Get a New 1st Service Captcha Solver
But Confused In Buying

I Heard SpamVilla Is Best But Has Very Bad Support

One the Other Hand They Say CaptchaTronix & ReversedProxies are Also Good and have decent support

Now I am In deep Confusion In Buying one of these

Spamvilla :

Bad Support
text Based Captcha Feature (Which Others Don't Give)
$30/m For 10 Threads

Captcha Tronix :

Nice Support
No Text Based Captcha Feature :(
$28/m For 10 Threads  ( Highest Price Compared to Others )

ReversedProxies :

Nice Support
No Text Based Captcha Feature :(
$20 For 25 Threads

So can you Please Suggest between any of these My Budget is $30/m(10Threads) With Text Based Captcha Solver ( I Need Minimum 20K Text Solves daily )

I Will Do the Setting In GSA as Following
1st Service : Spamvilla/CaptchaTronix/ReversedProxies
2nd Service : GSA CB (3 Retries )
3rd Service : DBC

Also Post Your success rates If you have used these programs

If you think of using some other programs Feel Free To Post

Thank You for your Interest 


  • Hi there thank for bring this up i m very sorry for all our users i admit support was the biggest turn off for our users but i promise you and every one what coming next will blown your mind just view these 2 and i can challenge no service in at-least planet earth going to beat us coming very soon i dont know about others accuracy rate but what i heard from others is very easy to find with Google btw don't forget to whats the preview what coming next


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Of the above 3 i would suggest you stay away from Spamvilla. if you search this forum you will find many threads about their bad support, and service downtimes. I have used them for over a year so i speak from experience.

    There is another good capcha solver named EVE, i suggest you give them a look over as well, as they seem to be doing pretty good..
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited February 2015
    As above, from what I've seen is probably also worth a look.
  • I currently use spamvilla for first recaptcha and have no problem , I use test plan 15 threads only $US15 a month, I use CB to pass out recaptcha to spamvilla  so the threads is not a concern, I use as second 

    Looking forward to see the new update 
  • I think Eve Only Solves Recaptcha And SpamVilla Solves Recaptcha as Well as many Other Ones . There Should't me any comparison Between Them as both are different .
    I need a Captcha Solver Which Can Solve Both Recaptcha and Other Ones As My GSA CB Is Lacking Solving them.  Maybe For High Sucess Recaptcha i Will Buy Eve as Well But right Now I Need All In one Captcha Solver

    Here 's My CB Screenshot

    And I Also Look That Eve Has Some Less Sucess In recaptcha Solving
  • SHANI BPO is back, updated something, their solve rate is the best ive seen.
  • thecloud 
    SHANI BPO is manual paid captcha solver. You pay per 1k captchas. I dont see any big deal here.
  • thecloud  shanibpo chages 1.5$/k we charge unlimited at fixed monthly rates also guys new updates are ready from next week it will be a seperate threads with daily added captcha along with fastest solving rates with recaptha not only this new variation of 5 letter recaptcha is also we are going to add in next 3-4 days stay tuned 

  • ShaniBPOShaniBPO Islamabad
    edited March 2015
    I am official rep here from
    We are providing stable captcha service since 2012 but our payment module issues took a lot of users away from us in past. This time we are here with direct paypal option.
    Also here is a big deal offered by us.

    If you solve 20K or more captchas a day. Then you are eligible for $1 / 1K Correct Solves.
    Need to test us prior to using paid service? Just send an email to shanibpo at gmail
    and get free test credits instantly posted to rate our service.

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