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Can anyone please share the list of GSA SER tokens?!

edited August 2012 in Need Help
Hey i've been searching through the many pages over at BHW but so far haven't found a complete list of the tokes we can use in GSA SER :(

I found some like...

%NAME% will be replaced with the a random users name
%EMAIL% will be replaced with the a random email (auto generated)
%WEBSITE% will be replaced with the users website url
%BLOGURL% will be replaced with the target url you are about to submit to
%BLOGTITLE% will be replaced with the page title of the target site

But are there more?!

And what is the token for placing link with anchor text?!

Thanks! :)


  • Erbsensuppe answered your question in the "inofficial FAQ". Thank him for a great job!
  • Aaah i dunno how i missed that, thanks for the quick reply and i'l be sure to thank him too :)
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Also, the tokens are listed in the .pdf guide. When you're inside the software just click help > view manual. :)
  • Good to know, haha. I didn't take a look into the manual for a long time :)
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