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Another Blackhat Technique



  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2015
  • ronron
    ^^That just made my day. I couldn't stand that little d-bag.
  • @ron me too.  Everyone gets what they deserve...

  • @Don  wow! you are a internet tough guy, 
  • I think arguing in forums is a waste of energy and it surprises me the lengths people will go to and the effort they put in to prove a point or take revenge for a minor slight. But I will say that I did have a good laugh at this It might've been SR, I forget. But he's still banging that drum.

  • ronron
    @icarusVN - Wow! Thanks for that share. That poor kid is really screwed up.
  • @ron , that's a fake account, set-up by someone from blackhatunderground, maybe sudo. I don't remember. But it is funny.
  • was this godofseo any good at seo?
  • he was god
  • @justdoit , thanks for making my day ! Please say yes to @Don. . .  Haha
  • ronron
    edited February 2015
    @icarusVN - Alright, I fell for it. You got me there. It was late, and I didn't think it through. I honestly don't know any prisoners with a twitter account now that I think of it haha. Really funny shit though. 
  • @billnelson  Stop instigating, if you really like Don, why don't u talk to him yourself...
  • @justdoit sometimes we gotta have fun eh? Would be boring otherwise
  • @Don  I agree, it's all in the fun...
  • This is the saddest thread I have ever seen. I agree with Tim89 100%.
  • mrlinksmrlinks UK
    edited February 2015
    @davbel - F@k a DUCK I used to see this guy all over blog comments and I read some of his blog posts!

    He did shoot his mouth off a bit too much about how amazing he wasat SEO!

    Young and cocky - I used to be same then I grew up :D

  • im just gonna chime in, using the phpinfo exploit, is getting a link on their site without permission.

    also to address this isnt a blackhat forum.  GSA doesnt build whitehat links. therfore they must be blackhat. peoples arent linking to your site because of your awesome content, right? no, u are using a tool to build backlinks and game google = blackhat. said tools forums = blackhat forum?

    any questions?
  • BroMichaelBroMichael United States
    Are you from Nigeria?
  • Man, that method is way lower than the standard "Blackhat".
  • you are confusing what blackhat seo is.

    If we all did these things it would make our day to day work totally shit.
  • First of all, your "method" is not a blackhat it's pure illegal scam, people would give you their access to the folder of the site in order to fix it, not to put your shitty links inside and then fuck them over.
    Secondly, if someone is capable of ranking in top 10 for a highly competitive keywords, then they are obviously not stupid to fail on your retarded scam, only 10 year old kid could come up with idea like yours.
    Thirdly, this is not a scamming forum, therefore GTFO.
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