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Another Blackhat Technique



  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited January 2015
    @justdoit is not about morality cause we don't talk about
    morality here, YOU CANT be moral in affairs but is not the place talking those
    ways.What you say is not legit also but we are not talking about
    If you do stuff like that, belive me, sooner or later you
    will do more and more...don't start so deep discussion here :)

  • @Tim it's not a threat... are you inviting me to fire fight?  
  • @Idontknow  perhaps you're right, this is too deep for most in here...
  • You know that...let's talk about nice things :)
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2015
    @justdoit you seem to misunderstand me and others here.

    It's not that any of us don't like "black hat", it's just that what you describe is......
    • It's immoral.  It really is the shittiest of shittiest doing Neg SEO.  Seriously.  Especially when they've done nothing but be better at SEO than you.
    • In as much that you are purposefully affecting income / profit / etc they most likely *will* have legal recourse against you for any loses that the judge/court decides you caused.
    • It could be classed as hacking, to which there are lots of new, more harsher laws either passed or in the process of being passed.
    • It's no longer 2007 and grey on grey text will do nothing other than get both sites a penalty.  Good luck with that...

    I see crap like this everywhere. Especially on all the various supposed "BH kiddies" forums full of posts about how this new method is generating $1.52 a day on day 160 blah blah blah.  You probably don't see it now, but once puberty passes, you'll realise what a tw4t you were.

    BTW Apology accepted.

  • This isn't new , but works really well , not everyone is as smart as us blackhatters.
  • Lets do a test then @hutner?
  • @Hutner  No use trying to explain to these folks, they certainly have no clue to BH.. They are so caught up in negativity of their words that they fail to have read what i wrote to Tim, with that long my intention is not to hurt the business owner..they are too blind to see this and would rather talk trash at me..
  • @Davbel  i never apologized to you, what are you smoking man.. LMAO!
  • @davdel test for what , why , where ?

    If you are talking about the method , i know it works and that is all that matters to me .
  • Just to play Devil's Advocate - it wouldn't be immoral if you said that you were going to add a link to your own site or had a contract/disclaimer saying that in small print. It's what web designers have been doing for 15+ years....

    <a href ---built by Weirdo Web Design 
  • justdoit - Wow this is funny. 

    In reality this is just not worthwhile for most people.  Firstly you need to go to sites and find things wrong with them, surely there are not that many sites with issues and that would let some random go in and make changes.  This is unless it is some low earning niche and just some crappy little blog and you get a link on.  You could probably register a niche relevant site and do a full site for less work.

    You say this is not morally incorrect, well sorry but it is and is completely dishonest.  You are approaching people and misleading then by telling them you will fix the issue you found, then going in and inserting a link to your site in there.

    So what if you do get a link and then a site gets a penalty from Google loses rankings and money? Remember you are hiding a link on a site, do we need to show you Google info on how this is bad practice?  So the regular business loses loads of money, gets a Google WMT mail from Google, hire someone to look at it and find your link is the issue.  You can bet your arse they will come looking for you with some form of lawsuit.  If it was my business then I sure would, although I wouldn't let some random bloke onto my site to make any changes, that is just stupid.

    Morally or not it just seems like a load of effort for little reward.
  • Oh dear, another thread reduced to threats. Beginning to see a pattern here @justdoit
  • @Judderman  Yes i do have contracts in place, 
  • @Flembot, Its not alot of effort, very easy and simple, most sites do have issues, i'd say 99% of them, you just have to know what to look for, i look for things that are hurting them in seo, and clean up...

    Little reward? lol bro please, the rewards are often 5 figure incomes, i wouldnt say its little...
  • @Don, nobody made any threats..
  • @justdoit you are full of shit. You don't MAKE money you TALK about making money. I have met many like you before. If you were making money you would be quiet about it & work at making more not typing your crap on here. You have a horrible attitude I hope @Sven bans you
  • @Don   You don't know me and don't know how much money i make, for you to assume i don't that tells me you're full of shit, Don't come in here talking trash to me and saying you hope Sven bans me, why because i am using SER in a way you are not...  Go fuck yourself Don, i make plenty of money... Yeah everybody talks about making money on here, nothing wrong with making more money, unless you are allergic to making more Don, the dickhead...

    It's people like you who go around talking this mess that makes hackers fuck shit hardcore... Watch your mouth asshole, you're not hard to find...
  • This may open your minds up a bit:

    The truth about Blackhat SEO is that it has nothing to do with ethics, a Blackhat is a marketer who is simply not scared to experiment and pioneer methods of achieving common goals in the marketplace. Being Blackhat is a mindset of not being afraid to test what works versus being submissive to what Google commands people to do.

    Being Blackhat is about taking control of your business and not being scared to criticize Google's often unethical decisions concerning penalties.

    Google is a business and Google wants to make money for Google. Google is one of the most Blackhat sites in the world(As defined by their definition), it is a scraper of content, a thin affiliate and it breaks a lot of its own quality guidelines and algo filters. Google is looking out for itself and you should too. That does not mean it's unethical, what I mean by looking out for yourself and being Blackhat is that you should look for more stable ways to keep your business afloat without relying on Google and being deceived by their often hypocritical guidelines.

    You see, people mistake "Blackhat" for hacking sites, criminal activity and such but an extremely large amount of Blackhats are nothing like this. Blackhat is just a word Google chose to make you feel like being an experimenter in the SERPs is something very very bad.

    Recently i've come to recognize that our communities of entrepreneurs(Blackhats) have embraced the true meaning of Blackhat. Blackhat is now defined and described as a marketer who is pushing boundaries, being adventurous, having a no bullshit attitude and working with peers to achieve results in ways no other "hat" seems to do. 

    You only need to glance at Twitter to see what I mean, Whitehat(no offense guys) are talking about "7 growth hacking tips to grow your business", Blackhats are talking about hard data case studies "Testing the effectiveness of x type of link" or "A Case Study on reaching top 10 of Google for $$$$ keyword".

    It is because of this very hard data driven and experimentation ethos that you see Blackhat sites still in the SERPs. It is a common misconception that Blackhats are ranking because they are unethical, this could not be further from the truth, Blackhats are ranking well in Google because they are willing to put their time and money on the line to do hard research and analysis into what will keep their business afloat.

    This brings me onto Google's guidelines. Stop being afraid to break them, they are implemented in a way that serves Google's own interests. Google's guidelines were not created to protect ethics online, they were created to shape the web the way that serves Google best. These guidelines are exactly that, a guide, they are not laws, it is not a crime to break them and you are well within your rights to refuse to do what Google tells you that you should do. 

    In the past year I've had so many small business owners come to me to ask what they should do, the advice I gave them was to stop treating Google as an ethical company.
  • @justdoit you are not making any $ and you know it. You live in fantasy :)

    Like a previous user mention you talk to much for someone that is supposedly killing it LOL
  • jpvr90    Im glad you guys think that, i love you haters, keep the juice flowing...
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited January 2015
    I will be a bit more moral than Google is...but not more :)
    When black hat will die, Google will die, so it will keep you alive with all costs.
    Haleluia !
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2015
    @justdoit the fact of the matter isn't really about what "hat" you are wearing it's about what you do.

    You stated in your OP

    "so i can sneak a hyperlink on their page that sells the same thing as my
    site, the hyperlink is the same color as their text to blend in without
    an underline, in other words they wont know its a hyper link"

    So do you think a sentence that has the words "sneak", and "they won't know" is something to be proud about?

    Do you also think practising shite that Google was wise to, 5 years ago is something to boast about?

    Then, you go on to say:
    " i use SER, Xrumer and scrapebox to blast the crap out of the competitors url where i placed that link"

    Now no matter what you want to believe and tell yourself over and over again, what you are doing is Negative SEO i.e. you are building a shit-load of unwanted, unnatural links to what is effectively a competitor to negatively impact their rankings. 

    There's nothing wrong with out-ranking a competitor, but do it because you do a better job than they do rather than pissing all over them.

    Besides, @sven has said many times that he will revoke licenses of ppl who do what you advise others to do, and in any event, if this REALLY worked for you, you would not be spilling the beans to everyone, much like I and others will help out on the SER forums, but there is no way I will tell someone exactly what I do...

  • @justdoit "Watch your mouth asshole, you're not hard to

    Really? You wanna meet face to face? Please say yes
  • KaineKaine
    Don't loose time to speak with this guy.
  • What was the name of that British blackhat SEO that youtubed himself doing a DDoS attack on a government site?
  • @icarusVN , are you referring to GodofSEO?
  • Not a very practical idea IMO. I doubt many business owners would hand their FTP details to a complete stranger.

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