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Global site list PROBLEM

edited August 2012 in Bugs
global site list is not working correctly...

i mentioned this a lot of times and other user too, on the blackhatforum board ... dont understand why nobody cares...

here is the proof:

my global site list has got about 1000 verified social bookmarking sites ( pligg, scuttle, and so on... )

i made a project with only social bookmarking and without any filters...
so i startet in mode active ( use global site list only ) .

after 30 minutes 60 sites where submitted... and now ? ... nothing
more... log file only shows 0/50 sites from site list loaded... again
and again...

this is a really big bug... and its an old one... why isnt it fixed?



  • what happens when you import your file directly into the project?
  • that seems to work better... but i think that should be the solution for it ;)

    only 60 sites from 1000 is really bad
  • SvenSven

    it uses 50 random sites from your lists. So the message 0/50 would just mean that the URLs it got are already known nd proceed in the past.

    Do you have the options checked like "Only for successful submissions" or "Only for verified submissions" ?

  • i choosed "only for verified submissions"...

    i ran that project overnight and nothing changed... it only used 60 out of 1000
  • SvenSven
    Thats the issue than. The program will only pick sites from that verified list. Try to uncheck that box and see if it makes any change.
  • sorry i dont understand... i want gsa only to save verified sites to the global sites list... when i uncheck the box it will save all sites to my list... i dont want that.
  • SvenSven
    but that will also take sites from that verified list only. I don't know how many sites you have in there.
  • my verified list has about 1000 social bookmarking sites in it... and its taking only 60 from it... thats the problem

    i dont uderstand what it would change to uncheck the box... i only want to use verified sites in my global sitelist... or do i understand u wrong?
  • SvenSven
    I don't know in what site lists you have these 1000 sites in. If you choose only to use the verified site lists, than it will only use urls from that list when you make use of global site lists in projects. But to me it sounds like you have the 1000 sites in your "identified site lists".
  • when i go in the options / advanced / tools / stats / verified... i can see that only my pliggs are over 500

    but u will see when i will send u that stuff
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