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GSA is creating a backlink on my OWN websites and ignoring filters

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For example, my site's domain is "". In my ignore settings, I
have GSA set to avoid "" in the URL/domain. Yet GSA is ignoring
my settings so I am basically submitting my backlinks to my own website!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this.

I just want GSA to stop finding my domain and stop posting the link
"" to the website "" (in this hypothetical scenario) since
I own it and I don't need to promote my site on my own site.


  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    I never heard of that bug (or feature ;) ) so far. I don't know if it helps if you choose a more precise filter like "" + "" (or "") and put this into the "Skip sites" filter.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I'd have to say that is definitely odd and the filter should block it from doing that. I believe you can also add your domain to the malware filter in the global options. You can try adding it there as well.

  • LOL, Ozz! It's definitely one "feature" I wish Sven would get rid of!

    Sven asked me to send him the project backup but I'm not comfortable sending him all my links and stuff. Anyway, I'll try both of your suggestions and report back! Thanks for those!!!
  • edited August 2012
    You should give Sven a little bit trust. What he offers here to us is more than great for this fantastic price. He is the mastercoder who improoves SER step by step and providing free support. I don't think he is interested in stealing your backlinks :D (if he would want to do this he could do it over SER anyway).

    But for a solution of this problem: Is it possible that you've enabled 
    "Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks". This option results often in problems like this.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    lol you're not comfortable sending Sven (the developer) of the software your projects? I never thought I'd hear that one. He's a developer who sells his software. I guarantee you he isn't interested in stealing or spying on your niches. I wouldn't worry about that. :)
  • SvenSven

    Yes I am not interested in your content, urls or what so ever.

    Anyway the "bug" you are talking about might be the following:

    1. search engines deliver your site as a result

    2. the program is downloading the website to identify the engine

    3. it sees a link on your site that is the one you are about to submit

    4. it takes this link as already verified -> no submission happening at all

  • I have send this as bug report
    and I can actually see that I have 9 verified links from the own domain which should not be there

    I believe a check to see if posting/verifying on project's domain should be somewhere used
  • SvenSven

    Do you read me previous post at all? There is no submission happening as the program found a link there, if you think I am wrong, send me the project as a backup.

  • Yes I read it but still the BUG exists

    I have in my verified lists urls that should not be there (urls from the project domain !!)
    it would be nice to not have them there whether they have been submitted or not

    I know its low priority BUG but it still an inconvinience and if you have some time to fix it would be very cool

  • SvenSven
    Well again, send me the project to have a deeper look on it.
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