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Indexing backlink's question.

Hey ,

I started building contextual backlink, and i started building a lot of them...

The question is what's the best way to get them indexed. 

I have time to wait, will they index naturally ? Or i need to index them with some service.


  • Tim89Tim89
    edited January 2015
    You need to do something in order to index your links, a very small percentage will get indexed if you don't.

    I'm not saying you MUST purchase an indexing service, but if you don't then you need to do something 'in house' to try to get them at least crawled.

    Many case studies around the web that indicates a very small amount of links will become indexed naturally over a period of 30 days, sometimes as low as 5% links becoming indexed naturally, in comparison to 50%-70% indexed over a course of 30 days when using a service.

    The question you should be asking yourself is this: Do I have the resources to get my backlinks crawled or indexed? Am I building a significant amount of links that I need to outsource this task?

    If you are building an un-managable amount of links then yes, get yourself an indexing service, if you're building around 50 tier 1 links in total, then no, don't bother.
  • Is it a problem if i don't index them at the time of creating. 

    I mean is it ok if i index them 10 days after?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Sure, you can index them at which ever time frame you want..
  • Hey, @Tim89

    Can i index my backlinks by creating backlinks at them, like second tier or something like that?

    And can i hurt my tier 1 backlinks by throwing blog comments, trackbacks, some indexers.. ? 
  • Tim89Tim89
    If you are wanting to build links to your links for indexing purposes of recommend at least keeping your tier 1 links clean, by this I mean only build good links to your tier 1 links... That means contextual links.

    For indexing your tier 2 links & above, you could use blog comments / spammy links, but you're doing this at your own risk, doing it at a higher tier reduces the likelyness of any negative effects.
  • Yeah, but how much tier 2 contextual links would i need to build to 150k tier 1 links. lol
  • Tim89Tim89
    A lot. Even if you aim to build 10 links per tier 1 link, you'll need to build 1,500,000 links just for indexing purposes.

    Then proceed to build tier 2 links of value (contextuals).

    If you are building that many links for your projects, it will be far more beneficial for you to invest in an indexing service and then solely concentrate on building good links in tiers, instead of trying to focus of indexing links by building crappy links to them.
  • Two options. One, build mass junk blog comments etc; to your contextual links, that will index them. Two, go with something like instantlinkindexer, they are very good at getting your pages indexed. Both options have worked well for me.

  • @Matt, but isn't there a risk because blog comments are too spammy and they will cause some negative effect or everythings good?
  • Put them further back your tiers. Like [ Blog comments/Profiles/Url Shortners/Etc. --> Web 2.0/Contextuals --> Site/Page to rank ]

    I do it all the time.

  • @Matt Indexing with blog comments? Haven't done that in a while LOL How good is that working for you nowadays % indexed?
  • It does work yes. I don't do it any more though. I get more indexed by using instantlinkindexer. I do about 50k-60k links a day with them and have good results. I just mentioned that as an option as it does work, but not everyone can get a service right away.

  • I build 1 million blog comments every other day or so with a separate dedicated server with only scrapebox on it to all my tier 1 links. I also use various indexer services. I specifically use the cheaper ones that guarantee crawling for the blog comments I blast so that the search engines find my newly placed spam links which are pointed to my tier 1 links.

    IMO purchasing ScrapeBox if you don't already have it and a separate cheap VPS is CHEAPER and more effective then some of the indexing services IF you are creating massive tier 1 links. I've also recently used a $11/month VPS on a 100mbit port and still blasted close to a million comments every 2 days.
  • Not bad. Good point.

  • So everything is okay of building 1,000,000 junk links at your tier 1 links just to get them indexed. No negative effect ???
  • edited January 2015
    No, not that I have noticed. I suppose there is SLIGHTLY more of a chance of the tier 1 webmaster noticing your link and removing it if they somehow see new backlinks pointing to your exact url.

    As far as SEO wise, I haven't noticed any negative affect either. For YEARS even when SEO was much easier people would BLAST the tier 1 and sometimes tier 2 links with shitty links to get them indexed and pass "juice" lol.

    Think about it, if a specific url only gets a hundred or two links what are the chances of getting an unnatural links notice and receiving a penalty?

    When I say I blast 1M comments every 2 days I'm talking to about 25k links.
  • Thanks for all the answers guys! I really appreciate your time spent explaining this to me.
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