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Looking for a Proxy / Shared Proxy

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(können auch deutsche anbieter sein :-)

What proxy service would you recommend?


  • OzzOzz
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    how many threads are you using? with up to 100 threads you can start with 10 private proxies and test if everything is working. i know there are users who use more threads per proxies but you need to test this first.
    i personally use proxy-hub and won't complain. you can decide between US-, EU- and an mix of both proxies.
    what package you are using should depend on where your VPS or PC is located. if your VPS is from bermanhosting for example than take the EU proxies as berman is hosted in germany and EU proxies will be much faster compared to US proxies.
  • I will try Proxy Hub..

    I am sure I wont get Virii with a Proxy.. compaired to the botloaded virius VPN I tested..
  • @Ozz, what do you think about Santos could proxy called - I'm using it but i have a problem to run the GSA SER over the 100 thread. Is this because of the errsy proxy?
  • I had bad results with Errsy. GSA dropped to building links in the 100s for me. I get in the 1000s with Santos has removed the sales thread for Errsy at TP and is not promoting them.
  • i had good results with errsy in the beginning, but the more popular they got, the worse the proxies got.
  • ronron

    I know people have complained about almost every proxy provider so far. I have buyproxies and they have been really good for me. Almost all of them (56/58) are <1 sec. They have been pretty stable too. Others say proxy-hub.

    The main thing is you need to pay attention to the speed when you get them. They are always faster to have them in the country you are running things. But I have euro proxies in my batch while i'm in the usa, and they are all under 1 second. So it doesn't get much better than that.

    Test them ocassionally in GSA to ensure they are solid. 

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Buyproxies dont like being told they give over subscribed proxies if you get a batch or three in a row.

    They tend to throw their teddies out the pram

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    Well if you are are unhappy about the speed of your proxies you should check out I've been using them for quite some time now and altough their price is a bit higher than some others out there ( $23 for 10 proxies ) their speed is superb, always ~0.2 sec. You can also pick the country of the proxy, so if you pick the same country as the country your VPS is in this will also speed up the process.
  • Hi,

    Does somebody know how can i get a refund from erssy?

    I subscribed yesterday and i keep getting error 407.

    I contacted support almost 24hours ago and i didn't get a single reply. Even more, in the support application it says that nobody has even looked at my ticket. This is unacceptable...
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I have 20 private proxies with and love them.  My server is in France and my proxies are US and they're very fast.

    @pietpatat doesn't allow SB or GSA.  They gave me the boot.
  • Yeah I know but I'm still using them because I'm such a bad boy :D

    Anyway I'm thinking about switching to something cheaper, maybe semi dedicated proxies. Anyone got good experience with this?
  • ronron
    @pietpatat - That's what my buyproxies are, private semi-dedicated.
  • I added 20 private proxies from and then, this:

    I used them for 3 hours in GSA and I got the e-mail lol.
    All in all, those are great proxies, I've been using them for SB for months. Fast and reliable.
  • I recommend buyproxies. Been with them for months, and never a serious issue. Proxies are fast, and if you do find any dead ones, they replace them very quickly. I've had a few minor issues in the past, and they've always been very helpful in their support.
  • ronron
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    I've had exactly the same experience with buyproxies. I think LeeG hit them with a battering ram and they never forgave him, lol.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Oh yes, I would not urinate on them if they were on fire. Thats being nice

    This will give some idea of my hate for them

  • I'm using errsy and buyproxies right now. But why when i check, the buyproxies will always show large amount of not working proxies?

    I being using buyproxies before, and when i saw the errsy was santos product i jump on it but what makes me curious is people like @ozz don't use errsy. I mean to ask this before about proxies but i though the problem was my vps. So i ask for a vps problem instead of proxies problem.

  • ronron
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    @darman82 - This whole thing with errsy sounded like a cool idea at first look. But then you realize that when everybody else jumps in as a customer, then everybody's screwed. I'm sure that is what happened.

    You either need semi-dedicated or dedicated. Dedicated is just more expensive so it is a cost question. I think most here use semi-dedicated, but if that doesn't work out, you always have the option to go dedicated. There are plenty here that do that.


  • @ron, thanks for your suggestion. I just buy 30 dedicated proxies from buyproxies and i will test it.

  • @thisisalex, since last week i'm using the dns service I'm really impressed, u just need to change the dns they provide you and it's done. you can try for 1 week for free, so no risk, I tried another one the, but you need to reactivate the ip every time, with unotelly i had till now no problems at all. by the way. Ich bin auch in deutschland und seit eine 1 woche kann ich einwandfrei netflix anschauen..sehr geil!

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    using .  works, fast. using 10 semi. enough for me
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    I'm using 10 proxy-hub semi dedicated proxies at 150-200 threads and they're working perfectly. Just renewed after my first month and I can't recommend them enough. Maybe I'm just lucky (for a change), but I'm more than impressed.

    Almost forgot, WF has 10% off if you use their code:
  • I found a 15% one :-) just have to searh HARDER
  • @thisisalex Do you mind sharing the link?
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