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Rank anyone with GSA Redirect

What I did 2 rank page 1 for 2 clients

I put search for links above PR 3 and below PR 10 for URL redirect I verified 300 PR 3 -9  plus the 600 pr 3 -9 in redirect pro, I coped the 600 from redirect pro loaded them into scrape box cut them to the root, loaded them as target URLS so now I have 900 3-9 redirects in GSA

Using FCS Networker I produced a 10 node link wheel, imported all the URL's into GSA then hit each Web 2.0 node with 900 high PR redirects, then I left all the web 2.0 nodes in and copied the redirects and dumped them into the URL box then this time I used the redirects again on both the web 2.0''s and the other 900 redirects. Then lastly I hit them with a massive PR 5 - 9 media wiki blast.

The rest was history : )  It took about 3 days for the keywords to rank on Google

Questions contact me:


  • SvenSven
    Thanks for sharing your strategy!
  • My pleasure, awesome software!!!
  • @linkedseo
    Interesting case study. But what about competition and exact monthly search? It was an easy/medium/hard keyword to rank?
  • link wheels
  • Months since I bought Redirect Pro and I never could use it. There is not much information nor reviews nor case-study on the seo forums, and the few I sometime find are not so positive. The biggest problem is not how to use the software, but which template use!!

    Finally yesterday I contacted @linkedseo who posted his strategy here in the first post, and after 1 hour on skype (thanks so much man!) I'm now able to start my first campaign using 301. After countless tests on Ser, it's the time to start using this other tool :-) .

    Thanks linkedseo, your lesson step-by-step was clear and detailed, and also the prices of your templates are really cheap, much more cheaper than other templates I bought before.

    If anyone is looking for an awesome system to rank sites with GSA Redirect Pro, I highly recommend @linkedseo and his cheap but good services, I think his email is on the OP

    And now let's start another journey into the Seo (and Gsa) world :D
  • Try this put your url at the end

  • I also did a 1 hour skype with @linkedseo last night. This guy certainly know his stuff. I am going to start to use his template that he gave me on some of my local clients. The template is very good and the only linking to the money site is through manually created web2.0 or created through FCS. This means that you are in control of all the links pointing to your money site which I think is very important these days. 

    He is also doing some work for me as well and his pricing is very good.
  • Just e-mailed you sir. :)
  • For those that have been trying to contact me for my strategy templates and consultation

    You can contact me on skype: linkwheelrockstars

    I know have 3 new power plus templates in the works for GSA
  • Had a consult with @linkedseo last night and it was great. He really knows his stuff and showed me some crazy example sites. Well worth looking into. 

    Now it's time to do some testing! :)

  • Thanks for sharing this linkedseo. I'm currently doing a test myself with 2 sites that looks something like this:

    Money site -----> Tier 1 web 2.0s -----> PR6+ 301 Redirects -----> GSA Blast

    I will report the results to the forum in another few weeks.
  • SerSyncSerSync
    Nice case study. Thanks for the info :D
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited January 2015
    My pleasure

    I'll have some new ones soon

  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited February 2015
    Top 10 , and top 100

    All in the drip feed indexing phase should hit #1 in 2-weeks

    MGlondon was under top 500, ranked up to 85 in 12 days, brought it up to 46 few days later, last ranking updates which was yesterday since I started indexing it hit 42
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited February 2015
    Also used redirects pro as an indexer then after sent it to premium indexing service 

  • @linkedseo is your main kw for MGLondon 'Handyman London'?

    Thanks for sharing your strategy...although public forum = rinsed in seconds = G on that like a shot :(
  • I doubt he's testing this on his own sites ;) wink wink
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited February 2015
    Since I have been getting requests for my templates i put up a small quick temporary site till my official site is complete,where you can purchase the templates. This way you don't have to contact me first on skype you can just go to the site for custom templates or 301 templates then contact me.

  • I just had a consultation for some minutes and its was overwhelming and a lots to take in so i request him to help me if i get stuck or have difficulty though kevin is great guy to talk with :) anyway this is not the review ill give a full fledged review in details after i see some how its work and done...
  • @Gansham so you registered today just to say that.....hhhmmmm :D can you say shill?

    @linkedseo just open a sales thread if you want to offer your service.

  • I will once my actual website is complete with all my services on it
  • @Don in the OP he mentioned his 'clients' and then went on to show two example URLs. Hopefully they aren't his clients as he's just given away to any competitors how they rank their site.
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited February 2015
    No actually I didn't reveal everything on how I ranked  my clients even the template doesn't shows the full methods until I consult with someone and explain the "missing tier and project types" which I call "301 Power Plus and 301 SEO Nitro. Due to most images get posted on Google images and all around the internet. So if I put the full strategy everyone would have it.   
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited February 2015
    Basically it's a big puzzle missing a very important piece till I give it to a client, or your site isn't going to get results.
    SEO is based on a lot of common sense , more than you think. Smart SEO!

  • How is this working now?

    Redirects worked well earlier in the year, I am not seeing that much right now though.
  • I Got Template from @Linkedseo Great SEO Strategy
  • 301s can be ok - I used them on a client and did well but in the end I did better using an aged domain with minimum 5k backlinks then blast away and I love the fact I have FULL control over the domain. {control freak}

    With 301s you dont have control and those sites could be gone tomorrow - in fact some I checked where in gone quickly!

    Ok for short term if you are doing churn shit!

    I havent yet tried Svens GSA Redirect Pro - I was using a seller on here and his verison was good. He also had a PDF with it to explain what most of us know or my version which was >>> 301 Redirects >>> Web 2.0 >>> Money Site.

    Dont ever get caught up with PR its BULL - get a nice aged domain with some decent DA like 20+ then blast like f@K. Then keep buying more and build up to over 5 aged domain all 301 into your Money.

    It works great for low/medium keywords - I'm over 6 months with keywords in dating niche and I'm not even in Top 50 yet! LOL!

    I'm talking 11MIL backlinks and I'm only rocking 200k!- building a faster kit as we speak I gotta BANK big this year! :D

    Peace dudes!

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