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Project Data - Setting - Keyword? Generic Keyword or Niche Keyword?

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Hi GSA Member,

I like to ask, are you using niche keyword or generic keyword for your keyword project? What i found after i create a project using the niche keyword, i still found a backlink site with no relevant to the generic keyword. So in other word, why should we use the niche keyword? Why not use the generic keyword to get more backlink?

Also, i just know it today that is better to un-check the collect keyword from target site and use collected keyword to find new target site. Cause it will cause the memory problem. I have one vps that show this massage "too much memory in use, waiting till more is available". After i search for a solution and i found that @Ozz suggest to un-check them.

OK, back to my question. Should i use niche keyword or generic keyword? What is the best result?



  • if you use niche keywords you have more possibilities to get related backlinks and that in google's eyes is much better, thats the only advantage of this.

    but you can use a mixed set of keywords 50% niche 50% generic.
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