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Anyone Ranking Micro Niche sites with GSA SER?

edited December 2014 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I have bought a few of them and I'm going to try a few different ways to rank them.

A few of them could get banned, but its fine with me because they're not earning anything and when I bought them the whole point was for them to earn.

If anyone here has done this please share.

Also stay on topic please.

Best Answers

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014 Accepted Answer
    I rank quite a lot of MNS with SER all the time, just build your projects with lots of keyword variations and feed SER your lists, works like a charm.

    Time frame for ranking depends on the competition of your niche though and also the strategy you follow is dependant on your niche too.

    If you're ranking within a low comp niche, sometimes all you need are tier 1 links, still very achievable.

    I've recently built and ranked 5 Amazon mns sites and hit top 3 for most of my 300-800 keywords within a month to 6 weeks with only tier 1 links.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014 Accepted Answer
    @rocket123 I write my own content for my moneysites, all backlinking content comes from article builder

    @chrislance I only send article/contextual type links to my money site for my 1st tier, I don't use guestbooks to my moneysite no. I don't pay attention to PR anymore, my anchor text profile for my target keywords are normally within the 1% - 7% ratio, this drops significantly as time goes by as links die, which also aids to ranking eventually.

    @loljkwtf I don't hold back on link velocity, especially on these mns sites, I don't normally do amazon, these 5 sites were a test so I approached these sites differently in the way I normal do my seo.

    @deNiro72 Yes, for these 5 sites, I have between 300 - 800 target keywords for each site, I use Inspyder Rank Reporter for rank checking. All my keywords range from 800+ searches per month, I didn't bother with anything less than 800 searches for these amazon sites as I wanted volume for sales, I base my competition assumption on the current rankings for other sites, if its full of junk sites, then it's low comp. I very rarely get caught up with compeition backlinks, I just focus on my seo plan/strategy and keep on plowing away.

    @aquaticminerals Hehe :) sure mate, I can give you all those things, just pm me.

    Most people quit their campaigns after a week or two and come to the conclusion they have failed, you need to keep at it, ranking is like a knock on effect, you need to start somewhere and you need to work on it, once your profile ages and you've got your ratios in order, it's just a question of when you will rank, not if, Ofcourse there are some catalysts involved for ranking speeds.

    - indexing
    - link building resources
    - lists

  • Tim89Tim89
    Accepted Answer
    @chrislance yes

    @deniro72 @rocket123 you're welcome!
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Accepted Answer
    @ChrisLance - it's way too meager right now to show, needs more work :P.

    But yes, only a 100 word article. What you're still getting confused it seems like is that I don't care with they're dofollow or nofollow. I am actually rank the web2.0 itself, not using it to pass any link juice. The instant authority Google gives these properties is incredible!
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Accepted Answer
    Surprisingly, tumblr is showing the best rankings for that one case study I did. Not sure how it plays out in other niches/keywords though.
  • Accepted Answer
    Yes I can not disagree that people avoid directories and Social bookmarks because they have been heavily spammed to death and they avoid them at all cost.

    What I do is that I use strict PR/OBL/keyword filters to skip the ones that can harm my sites.

    My guess is that most of the guys complaining about Directories and Bookmarks are the ones who got their submissions done via fiverr which is like a couple thousand verified links in under a week.

    Now that would definitely have your sites penalized. 
  • Accepted Answer
    @ ChrisLance

    you are right, wordpress have been banning sites like mad lately, i've had over 150 banned
    :( also ban you after a couple of months.

    i've got loads of tumblr sites but non are ranking so Bandit must have some kind of "stealth" technique going on.


  • Hi Tim, 
    I was wondering if your writing the content for mns's or are you using something like article builder? 
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance

    What kind of links do you send to the money site?

    I was thinking about:
    - Blog Comments PR1+ using 75% genaric, and 25% domain as anchor
    - Forum PR1+ using 75% genaric, and 25% domain as anchor
    - Microblog PR1+ using 100% LSI as anchor
    - Social Bookmarks PR1+ using 100% Partial match as anchor
    - Social Networks PR1+ using 100% Partial match as anchor
    - Wiki PR1+ using 5% main keyword, 25% Partial match, 50% LSI, 20% Domain as anchor
    - Article Directories PR1+ using 5% main keyword, 55% Partial match, 50% LSI as anchor

    Do you use Guesbooks to money site?
  • @Tim89, what is your link velocity on those tier one links?
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @Tim89 - Definitely interested in the answers to those questions as well if it's not too trade-secret ;). Will play nicely with my auto-web2.0 creator coming up... automated GSA SER and automated web2.0 MNS, mmhmmm!
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance
    edited December 2014

    I see you said "keyword variations" does that mean you just fill the main anchor text with a bunch of similar keywords?

    Here is a simpler question, but will give me the help I need.

    1. What kind of backlinks do you send to the MNS?
    2. What are your anchor text percentages?
    3. Do you send PR N/A to the MNS or PR0 or higher?

    That is pretty much it.

    Most forums seem to be filled with allot of BS on link building so I'm just hoping for a legit answer.
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    edited December 2014
    Look at everyone overloading @Tim89 LOOL

    @tim89 while you answer all of the questions above, can I please have all your domain names and keywords pls? it will help me very much and i think you should give me them.
  • @Tim89 Thanks for these valuable tips. If allowed, I'd like to ask some questions as well. 1. Do you build links to your inner pages? If yes, do you build seperate campaigns for inner pages or only one campaign for all pages? 2. I have a campaign running for one month, but only build 1.5k contextual backlinks. If possible, can you pm a good list provider? Thanks very much!
  • @Tim89 - You Rock! Thank You - dito with deNiro72!
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance
    edited December 2014
    @aquaticminerals LOL Troll

    @Tim89 Thanks for the time and effort for helping me and the others out.

    I assume you are using keywords as anchor then Tim89 ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @ivan14 it depends on what type of site I'm building, If I'm planning on building a big authority site with a lot of inner pages then yes, I will concentrate on building authority to my root first, post some articles in the process of doing so, then I will move onto my inner pages once they've aged a little and start building links to them.

    I don't purchase lists from providers, I scrape my own targets.
  • @Tim89 Thanks for your answers.
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    Tim89 you are right, most of the people drop campaigns too early. As my test shows me I need about 100-200 backlinks to each 1st tier backlink to maka any benefit of it. I mean I havre mid competition phrase builded to them about 100 1st tier backlinks contextuals only and then build 10000-2000 backlinks to those 100 first tier ones, after 2-3 weeks I got TOP5+

    Many people think if they sent lets say thousands of backlinks on hundreds of keyphrases in 1st tier its enough, no it isn`t, they require 100 times more backlinks in 2nd tier to get any visible benefit of them.

    This is what I do al lthe time and it works perfectly even with pure GSA only. Of course Web 2.0 works even better as a source of 1st tier backlinks but GSA SER also works quite good. Of course varying everything is most important these days. I make a 2nd project only for varying anchors and links sources and it works, I got projects ranked exclusively with GSA since about a year all the keywords in TOP10/TOP20 never got banned/penalized because of this how I do it.
  • Thanks to both of you for sharing - @Tim89 and @bestimtoolz!

    @bestimtoolz - what types of links are you using for 2nd tier?
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance

    To me web 2.0s are highly over rated because most of them are nofollow and provide no juice to the money site.
  • Web 2.0s work just as well PBNs expect that their can be up to 2 month sandbox on new properties before they gain any trust. You want to build HQ aged properties and use HQ relevant content. The largest keyword I ranked solely with web 2.0s has 450,000 search a month. 
  • Yes, I have been using  MNS with GSA and have had mixed results.

    I have even recovered one after it got it by recent penguin penalty.

    So far I have only been using T1 links from Directory/Forums/Guestbook/Image/Social Boomarks on PR1+ with OBL < 50 while keeping daily verified in between 20-50.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Everyone sees web2.0 the wrong way. I put up a 1 page, unique content (100 words typed by me, all articles were similar though), post on a brand new web2.0 that used an EMD and the keyword in the article a lot. You know what happened? My keyword, that doesn't receive a lot of search traffic, is dominated by my 7 web2.0 properties and I'm making $130 (and growing) each month without doing a single thing. Pretty sweet gig for only 30 minutes of work if you ask me ;). It's the exact reason I am building a custom web2.0 automation tool that will do all those tasks for me on auto-pilot... dominate long tail keywords without a sweat.
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance
    I don't know why people think directories and social boomarks hurt your site. Isn't the point of them to submit your site?

    Only 100 word article? is one of the very few Web 2.0s that has dofollow, but they have been banning like crazy lately.

    Also any screen shots or videos of your web2.0 automation tool?
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance
    BanditIM - What all Web 2.0s are you ranking like that?
  • edited December 2014
    I have the same problem with thumblr,never rank for anything great, just like youtube and weebly. but rebelmouse articles rank pretty damn good with a tiered link plan  :) 

    @BanditIM that must be very low competition if you rank with only 100 words lol 
  • ChrisLanceChrisLance
    edited December 2014
    I can't even get any followers on tumblr anymore not sure what they done to the site.

    BanditIM - Must be finding high PR expired tumblrs or buying them from a service or something.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Yep, it's a very small niche, but I don't need much traffic to bring in the dough. 10 targeted clicks a month because I dominate page 1 on Google has been enough to bring in $130+ a month for half an hour of work. People get caught up in playing the numbers game... "the more searches per month, the more I can wait!" - which is 100% true, but x10 harder than what I do. Super duper targeted traffic that is easily scalable with an automated system is more my style ;)
  • ronron
    ^^If more people understood what you just said @BanditIM, more people would be successful around here. I have a stupid website that has been bringing in a measly and consistent $300 per month for the past 3 years.

    I used to sneer at stuff like that, but it is $3600 per year. It is also a car payment for most people. You can stack a lot of $130 or $300 bills on a table, and before you know it, you have a full time income.
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