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New versions and lower VpM

It was everything running fast 4 days ago and this 2 last versions makes my GSA SER start running slow.
Anybody else feel the same problem?


  • I was just about to upgrade and I saw this thread.  Is it true that new GSA version is running slower.  Hard to believe this after seeing all the updates that sven put into this software last few versions.  If I do upgrade to newest and want to go back to previous version can I use the GSAserachengineranker.old file ? 
  • For me, the last 2 versions have increased the LPM and VPM, almost the double of last days
  • From time to time i found this same problem, but always, after a few days, a new version fixes the problem.

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    For me, each version has been improving things. The only problem I have been seeing is with proxies that are getting blacklisted, yes it does happen believe it or not. @Sven is doing a great job.
  • Mmm... yes, I agree.
    Even if the LPM/VPM have increased, the log it's always full of errors.

    If before every 10 lines 8 were :"download failed (Aborted)"
    now most of messages reports:"download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection refused)"

    And I have the same proxies and lists of before.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection refused) from my understanding is the site is refusing connection through the proxy used. Would be nice to know the proxy used so we could use that proxy to go to the site and see the actual error message though.

    For those that don't think it's a proxy problem, simply make a search for your proxy IP address in Quotes through Google and i'm sure you will find that it's in many different spam and blacklists online.
  • Im sure that @sven is doing a great job, i just purchased another GSA SER, Captcha Breaker and SEO indexer to run a second VPS, because this software is very ysefull.

  • Trevor_Bandura
    Trevor, I just tried what you suggested, and....  :-O   :-O
    I just discovered that ALL my 40 private proxies are banned from some websites!

    After Google, I tried using some specific spam-detector websites and, while by this site: + IP
    I've found "just" 50% of my proxies banned, using this other site: + IP
    I discovered that ALL my 40 private proxies are banned by the websites that are using that antispam plugin.

    What I don't understand is why on the list of the emails that are using my IP there are some emails not of mine... now I will write to my proxy provider to see how it's possible if my proxies are private and not shared.

    Other news: some proxies are banned BEFORE I got them, so this months I got "fresh" proxies that another user has burnt the last month X(

    I also see that each IP is connected to an email, now I try to change the emails with new one, just to see if I get the same "SockError: Connection refused"
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @peterperseo That's what I thought. I have the same problem also. The reason why your seeing entries with emails that you have not used, and i'm sure if you look at the dates the entry was entered, it's even before the date you started using the proxies, is because proxy providers rotate proxies to other people each month.

    The dedicated proxies I have right now, someone else had them last month, now next month another person will be using the ones I have now. That's just the way it is and over time proxies get mass banned and or blacklisted.

    The only way to 100% stop getting all these download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection refused) messages on these sites is to have completely clean proxies, and that will only happen once providers get a brand new batch of proxy blocks made.

    I think I remember this happening around this time last year.
  • Trevor_Bandura
    No Trevor, what you just wrote here it can be referred to the last part of my post (Other news: some proxies are banned BEFORE I got them....), and I know it can happen.

    But what I don't understand is why same (private) proxies are banned just few days ago using and accounts that I never used with Ser. I just wrote to my proxy provider, I'm waiting his reply.
  • About the fresh proxies, it's another thing I asked to my proxy provider a few days ago, and he told me that nowadays is very hard to get new unused IPs because (I quote his reply) "... because of the increasing prices and restrictions. Almost all the ips in world were allready allocated due to

  • Tim89Tim89
    Let me guess, you're using buyproxies or proxyhub right? Lol.
  • magicallymagically
    Are those not that good?
  • Tim89
    No Tim, I'm using 40 private proxies only from Mexela
  • magicallymagically
    Yeah, same here...
    40 from Mexala + 20 from buyproxies
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Peterperseo well I got the exact same reply as you even with the wiki link and it was from one of those providers.
  • Mexela proxies are not as good as when they first started. There proxies quality is dropping significantly.
  • edited December 2014
    I think Mexela proxies are still pretty good, but I agree with you that probably the quality is slowly dropping.
    The problem I think it's exactly the same as buyproxies, too many SER users are using them. And the more they become popular in this forum, the more their quality drop... (same users spams the same websites, so the IP will be blocked faster)
  • edited December 2014
    I think they are overloading users on the same proxies. Before you can really push Mexela proxies. Now you need to be really delicate with threads per proxy.
  • Tim89Tim89
    This entire Eco-system is one big massive harem.

    There are many people on these forums purchasing and using the same sitelists over and over lol, also the proxy providers are simply switching proxies between users each month...

    As peterperseo said earlier, same users spam the same websites, with the same IPs.

    Perhaps we need to branch out and test other proxy providers and also bulletproof VPS machines that aren't spammed to death by us all.
  • peterperseomagically 
    PM me if you would like to give try my proxies for posting.

    Other proxy providers are mostly not cheap or dont allow seo tools. With bulletproof vps you have only 1 IP and most of bulletproof VPS ip ranges are already listed on spamhaus and similar sites.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014
    @satyr85 I was suggesting to rotate bulletproof VPSs' to cut out having to use proxies altogether.

  • When i run for example Xrumer - after 2-3 hours my IP is listed maaany many times on stopforumspam. Same will happen with your VPS IP. 

    About cutting costs on proxies...
    Xeon 1230v2 bulletproof dedicated server (real bulletproof where noone will kick you out) cost ~ $200 per month. Not bulletproof dedicated server with Xeon 1230v2 - $50 per month. $150 difference (enough to buy good proxies). Thats why bulletproof is not way to go with SER.

    SER use proxies wthout problems. For example Xrumer wont give good performance with proxies no matter how many proxies you give XR - thats why VPN or bulletproof server is only reliable solution for Xrumer. SER work with proxies so no need for bulletproof server.

    Think yourself - you can ban 100 private proxies in few days (by banning i mean listing proxies on many sites like stopforumspam, cleantalk etc) - how fast you will ban your VPS IP? Also as i told before - whole IP ranges of bulletproof datacenters are listed on stopforumspam and similar sites.

    Also proxies are must for recaptcha targets and most valuable targets have recaptcha. Bulletproof server and no proxies = you wont be able to post to most valuable targets.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014
    I did not say 'cut cost' I said 'cut out having to use proxies' there is a big difference between the two.

    Why would you or anyone else require a fully dedicated server to run SER for? You can happily run SER at minimum 500 threads on a $50 vps, I have a few of these vps and they are bulletproof, yes, at $50 a pop, amazing no? You should look around for VPS providers matey because if you're spending $200 a pop for a dedi simply for its' bulletproof properties, then you are getting ripped off.

    But the main issue here is the proxies being shared and switched amoungst SER users each month and the majority of these users are also purchasing lists from the same list sellers, which does not help the matter, personally, a proxy service can not use the lame excuse of not having enough IPs available so they rotate them between SEO users each month... you may aswell start scanning your own ip/ports instead.

  • Why pay for VPS when you can get dedi, split it into vps so you have low costs per vps. Im paying now $50 for dedi with specs: dual Xeon 5650 - (12 cores & 24 threads), 32 gigs of ram and 30Tb transfer - thats enough ram and cpu power for few SER vps. I need dedicated server for example to sort and identify as it can kill any cpu. VPS = midlleman. Its always cheaper to buy dedi and create VPS yourself.

    Its not possible to compare vps and dedi so you may think $200 is too much for bulletproof dedi but what if i could create 6-12 VPS like yours with $200 budget ;) This would mean you get ripped off. 

    Im not paying $200 (right now) for bulletproof - im just telling thats price for real bulletproof dedicated server (ofc its possible to get bulletproof dedi cheaper but you have to know where to buy). I know you can get cheaper "bulletproof" dedi thats not bulletproof for real - you can use SER on such server because ser is not heavy spam software - it wont generate 10s abuse messages per day but im sure some "bulletproof" server providers will kick you out when you get listed on spamhaus.

    For example - hostamus. Its not bulletproof but everyone think its bulletproof.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014
    Well, you failed to mention you split your dedicated servers into vpss' didn't you..

    I don't think $200 is a lot of money but I do think it's a wasted amount of money if spent on 1 dedicated server for 1 SER install.

    A bulletproof host is a bulletproof host, if it's not bulletproof, then it's not bulletproof, I don't quite understand your concept of a bulletproof host "not bulletproof for real".. each to their own.

    I've not come across hostamus, so I can't comment if their bulletproof or not but I do know that mine are and I'm quite happy, sure, you could save yourself the odd $40-50 by purchasing your own dedi and splitting it up yourself, but is there a point when you can have it set up for you ready to go? I can understand if you want to get the most value out of your buck but $40-$50 dollars per month is hardly going to stretch the budget when the rest of your outgoings are in the regions of $1000's.

    Anyway, this is a pointless battle going back and forth.

    The reason for low vpm and verifieds is due to the harem of proxies being shared and the same targets being sold as "premium lists", you can't beat it, other than scraping your own targets, keeping your lists safe and obtaining a decent unspammed proxy service alongside a good recaptcha OCR service if required.
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