How to check for banned and blacklisted E-Mail Adress

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For verify, I use an hotmail account with @ forward of spam->inbox.

how can I check if it is blacklisted?

do YOu create your mail accounts yourself? which provider? perhaps you buy them via a service= fivver 500 hotmai accounts eg?

I dont want to use one of my private domains I own for an mailbox, to not ban the domain ........


  • press 'check blacklist' on the data page of the project, next to the email address. 

    I bought 500 off fiverr and they have lasted me months.
  • ronron
    It would be so cool to have either a big button for all projects, or just an automatic once a day check by GSA. And then it could tell you which ones need to be changed. Now that would be a time saver.
  • I agree!  :)
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    @Brumnick ; thisisalex

    I already requested this feature here. But Sven ingnored it since no body liked the idea. Maybe If you guys can show some support at that thread we can convince Sven to add it.

    BTW , it's not fully my idea ... I was inspired by a web 2.0 software called FCS Networker.

    This feature is a HUGE time saver and it will make managing emails in SER a breeze and you will never have to worry about adding/changing/replacing blacklisted emails with a new one.
  • that was so easy, I cant believe it......... ok, this GSA has more usefull features than MS office :-)

    yes, one mail was on a german blacklikst site..

    went to gigbucks to order 300 hotmails now.

    I HATE FIVVER!!! tried it three times their. one time they even closed my account ("was an error in our software".
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Why waste time swapping out emails?

    Chances are the ips you use are already blacklisted

    Most of the blacklists not only block on email, they also work on ip.

    Either and or, type blocking.

    You could always waste more time by having Sven include an ip black list check, so you can then moan to your proxy providers that you want fresh, virgin proxies, which can take anywhere from I comment to 1 million comments to get blacklisted


  • another way to easy get thousands of emails is to use can create one account and make as many disposable addresses as you like. whith imacros it is very easy to automate this task. you get something like for additive you can use numbers and the loop command in imacros. your new emails will look like,, ...
    the benefit of this method is that only one email get blacklistet and you only have to replace this, login information is the same for all of them. this is usefull if you use the %spinfile-<filename>% method to replace your emails, no mess around with login information.
  • so pretty much you just want a program that would iterate through your project files > parse them > get the email addresses > then check to see if those email addresses are blacklisted and then email you what projects have blacklisted emails?
  • ronron
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    @LeeG - What you say makes perfect sense about 'both' emails and ip addresses causing the flag to be thrown. You are challenging conventional wisdom which I like. However...if that were true, why is it that when I change emails, I do not continue to see that IP automatically flagged going forward. If what you said was true, changing emails would not help. But it does seem to help.

    @theorbital - That's it. Or just have a colored alert at the bottom of the GSA screen that you have bad emails, and when you click on it, it lists the projects affected.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I used to fight spam prior to giving in and moving to the dark side

    I use my knowledge both ways now

    One system for tracking guests on a well known forum system was documented by me when I converted to track unwanted visitors. That used to be a good backlink. I have also spent a lot of time using different anti spam measures including project honeypot and stop forum spam.

    I still use the vodka and rice, dont think twice rule, to this day on my own moderating of my own websites

    Most vodka drinking countries have wised up these days and tend to use proxies to spam.

    If you ever find find your email is blacklisted on stop forum spam, you will also see ips get logged

    Run a search on the ip next time and you will see how many email addresses have been logged against that ip

  • For me the ip addresses are not a problem since I get a fresh new private proxies list every month. I do care about emails though.

    An automatic check for blacklisted emails is definitely a great addition to SER. Automatic bad email replacement also is a killer feature imo.
  • ronron

    I just don't think those IP's are permanently banned. If they were, then the planet would have run out of IP's by now. But emails on the other hand are the kiss of death.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Stop forum spam, its user choice on what period they access the archives from.

    Ie 1 month, 2 months 6 months etc.

    The longer the access period, the longer it takes to check a new member on registration

    The only way to clear your details is to access their system from the ip to have it removed from the database

    Project honeypot is three months of zero spam from an ip from memory

    Project honeypot are snidey with how they catch people, follow the wrong hidden link with automated software and bang, you caught. Scrape links and some of those links are found.

  • ronron

    Wow. Didn't know that. Very useful information.

    I don't know if you know about IPV6, but that adds like a trilllion trillion ip's to the mix for our planet. Maybe that will help with the proxy issue going forward.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I got caught in project honeypot with my home ip when I used to use a proxy scraper once

    I never set it to not follow nofollow links

    Its as easy as that.

    Project honeypot also have different levels of spam warnings for ips

    Again, thats set on a site by site level for who they allow access to their sites

    There are a lot of software developers use their database for ip banning

  • all right, this should do it for you @ron

    run it as a command line application with one argument and that being the email address you want the list to be sent to. so: c:\Users\administrator\desktop\>SER_email_checker.exe
    it only checks at this time.
    it will email you an attachment with a csv file containing the project,email,# of results in the stopforumspam database.

    Here is the virustotal

    Here is the email checker

    since this is a command line app you can set up windows scheduler to run this every day and you will get an email or you can obviously just run it yourself.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    So this thread basically, says that a catchall is a waste of time due to the IP getting nuked?

    So best is to have a list of many hotmail accounts, it selects some, then regularly checks blacklist and swaps out when needed?
  • from how i understand it after reading through stopforumspam is the forum admin can reject on different levels, email, domain or ip. the more they want to check the longer it takes to search. does come up as a toxic domain in stopforumspam database. the ip is your proxy or heaven forbid. your real one so that really has nothing to do with your email address. you could still set up multiple catchall domains and have them forward to one to check. this would minimize risk. there is always going to be risk doing this automated seo.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Bad Behaviour is another anti spam mod that uses different means to stop spam.

    Utilises Project Honeypot and a few other methods

    Another one which is a spin off from Project honeypot is Cloud Flare

    These guys act a firewall and draw their blacklists from various places

    Both of the above are used a lot.

    Cloudflare are in with a lot of the big server companies and have a simple click to activate feature in the server admin panels

    So, are you getting the idea why changing your email as often as you change your underpants, might just be a time killing exercise

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @LeeG - Thanks for all the insights. I'm just trying to see what you advise is the best solution.
    1) Don't worry about blacklists?
    2) When changing emails, make sure you change proxies?
    3) What are your thoughts on a catchall?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I personally think email blacklisting is blown out of proportion.

    Its a paranoia that some people seem to suffer with

    Its easy to get blacklisted. It can take one post to 1 million to get caught

    You could swap out your email, then bang, first link posted on the wrong site and you have just wasted the time its taken to add it

    Plus ser might be waiting on checking links with the original one

    Its part and parcel of link spam.

    Another big player is Akismet and they have been about for years

    A lot of the more common websites have integration with them. And they are barstuards

    See how easy it is to get an ip or domain delisted from their database with those guys

    If your going to be paranoid about your email, either run a catch all or swap it out when you get new proxies. Thats my opinion. All I have done is highlight that there are far more ways to get blacklisted than an email address

    All this wanting alarm bells and topless women dancing in front of you when an email gets caught, imo is just plain paranoia, when your missing the bigger picture

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @LeeG - Thanks for the post. 

    When you say "if your going to be paranoid about your email, either run a catch all or swap it out when you get new proxies." - are you running a catchall? Does this solve some of the issues?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I just run hotmail accounts and cant remember when I last changed them :D

    Set to 15 minutes between checks

    But Im a lazy sob

  • so better to use a proxy to not get some kind of IP banned?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @LeeG - Thanks! 
  • ronron

    @theobital - Thanks a million! I appreciate the work you put into this, and will give this a shot later today.

    @LeeG - I don't doubt a word you said. You are probably the only person on this board that has direct experience with this whole matter. When I was spamming with SB direct to the moneysite a couple of years back, I couldn't leave a link on millions of domains because of the url of my moneysite. So this whole thing can go deeper than IP's and email.

  • ronron
    And I forgot to add that admins can ban certain anchor text, so anything to do with a subject matter (example: forex) will not be allowed to post.
  • The Api of stopforum spam has the possibility to check 15 adresses at once:

    With notepad++ I divide the list into blocks of 15 emails and stick &email[]= behind them. Remove the carriage returns. Save the list.
    To check I paste every block in the browser after:
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    @sabaidee main email acount is only known by gsa ser and used to verify your links/login. thats the way it works. it will never be blacklisted:-) it's like a catchall, same login but thousands of unique disposable email adresses.
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