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[Feature Request] Block raw urls

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SER desperately needs an option to block raw urls from being posted. Even with no raw urls in the primary and secondary fields there is still >50% more links than any other anchor text phase or singular anchor over a 20k link blast. Anything higher than this (>60%) it's getting close to Google's spam filters. 2 sites never indexed due to this issue and I knocked one out yesterday when hundreds of raws urls appeared. This isn't referring pages but referring domains. Also if you have more than 5 anchors there is a greater chance that you will have more raw urls, making it hard to rank for anything.

When I try and pin point which platforms are causing this issue, it seems to be all of them. Would be nice to have a check box that can block these links and iron out the anchor text diversity, including blocking image links from guestbooks and any profile or page that has a raw url submitted. Sometimes I don't know why SER is doing it, like putting a raw url in a trackback when it could be an anchor. So far I've had great results blasting links but, it seems to be a jackpot as to how many raw urls will appear, too many and the computer says no... :(


  • SvenSven
    Whatever raw URLs are for you you can unselect platforms who don't use the anchor_text. Right click ont he engine tree and choose that option.
  • edited January 2013
    "unselect platforms who don't use the anchor_text" have tried this recently but still too many links with raw urls, would be nice to have a good fix for this. I might try running 2 duplicate campaigns side by site but one with no generic links and fewer other links.
  • SvenSven
    And you saw that on which engine?
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