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private and public proxies together

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited January 2013 in Feature Requests
back in august I had tried semi private proxies from a  company it does not matter the name
I got dissapointed because the proxies were not responding but I was away and did not notice for some time
that means many days passed without any submission or worse yet submitting with my own IP

today I am willing to try again I bought 10 PRIVATE proxies for 95 threads that I am running

is there a way to use private and public proxies together and give preference to the private and have public for back up ?
how does everyone use proxies (public/private)?

I propose a feature that would accept all proxies in the list with ability to TAG them (private, public, other)
untagged proxies could default to public of course
and then one could use those tags in settings everywhere in GSA SER

for example in proxy options there would be things like this
"automatically disable bad public/private/other/all (choice) proxies on use"
timeout for public proxies 2 sec
timeout for private proxies 5 sec

or per project or general settings would be
prefer public/private/other/all (choice) for posting
prefer public/private/other/all (choice) for search engine

What does anyone think about this ?
@Sven ?


  • I like the idea to have a fallback option with public proxies.

    according to your timeout settings i like an option like
    - when the count of private proxies is below XX than search, test and add private proxies
    - when private proxies are below that number than retest them every XX minutes
    - when private proxies are in use than give a hint in the status bar (different color of the "P:" box for example)

  • +10  for a fallback option with Public proxies. Smart & very useful!

    @Ozz I think you meant

    - When the count of private proxies is less than XX then search , test and add public proxies.

    Also your other 2 suggestions are very useful.
  • @mamadou

    - When the count of private proxies is less than XX then search , test and add public proxies.

    ->this is alredy posible. check "automaticaly search for new proxys every xx minutes"
    i use 15 mins
    ->"check only on les than xx active proxys" (if you have 20 private proxys set xx to 10 for example, so if the number of working proxys is below 10 gsa ser will automatically search for public proxys)
    ->check "test proxys all(good/bad)" (all proxys will be checkend and gsa ser can detect if previous bad proxys are working again)
    i also use the option "automatically disable bad proxys on use"
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    thanks, d3ad. this is pretty clever :)

    mamadou, of course you are right. i meant public proxies.
  • Thanks D3ad very useful info. :)
  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited January 2013
    this is clever but its just a workaround right ?  or maybe I did not understand you guys

    lets say you have a set of 20 private proxies ALONE in the list
    and you let GSA SER search for public proxies when less than 10 proxies are FUNCTIONAL
    this can already be done, I agree
    lets say that for a few minutes you only have 9 working PRIVATE proxies
    GSA SER starts looking for proxies and it finds 200 PUBLIC proxies

    Now we have a list of both PRIVATE and PUBLIC and GSA SER does not know which is which
    and if we assume it picks randomly PUBLIC have a chance 200/220
    (much higher than 20/220 for the PRIVATE)

    that is why my proposal is a way to import PRIVATE proxies and label/tag as PRIVATE
    let GSA SER search for proxies below threshhold (those are automatically LABELED PUBLIC)
    but always TRY to FIND a PRIVATE first but if one is not currently working PICK a PUBLIC one
  • ronron

    @GiorgosK - +1 Yes, your method gives preference to private proxies which post way better than public ones. That would be the way to go.

    @d3ad - +1 for alerting everybody to something right in front of our noses.

  • I would love to see yours implemented for sure 100% no doubt Gio,  But yes what D3ad was saying is a decent work around  until that happens. :)
  • edited January 2013
    @Giorgosk +1 that is exactly what I need.

    @d3ad thanks for the temp workaround. But I would say that we really need more control over this like @Giorgosk explained. Otherwise our Private proxies efficiency will disappear with a huge list of hundreds of public proxies!.

    @sven , what do you think ? is it possible ?
  • edited January 2013
    i agree that the functions giorgosk mentioned would be great.
    my answer was more meant for ozz. i use my own proxy list which is updated every 15 mins with just a few new proxys. so i don't get hundreds of new proxys, and this proxys will die over time so my private proxys are used again when alive.
  • The solution you mentioned still works the same just maybe takes a bit longer.  after I've burned out all the public proxies the private ones are live again and unblocked.  Than I can spam the crap outta those till they are temp shutdown and I use public for another 30 mins until they are all burned out.   It's deff a nice little workout it until a feature like that is actually implemented. :)
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