Low lpm and no idea why...

My Lpm is between 3 and 5 regardless of whether I'm running 1 or 3 campaigns.

I'm using serlists which supposedly means my LPM should be significantly greater than what it is now.

I'm also ranking youtube videos so I've got most of the engines selected.

I'm using 1 PC (vps), 20 proxies, and about 30 email accounts.

I'm also running between 90-100 threads (its a cheaper VPS and the CPU usage gets too high above that)

Side note... there have been rare occasions in which my LPM is 15-20 with the same settings, so what gives?

Thanks for reading...


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    1. Optimize your engines by disabling the ones that have few target URLs. Point is, the less engines enabled the better. Find your targets in your lists folder.
    2. Lower maximum website size to download to 1 MB.
    3. Disable all filters like PR filter, profanity filter, etc.
    4. Post here your settings like the other guys are doing else its hard to say what gives you low LpM.
  • Thanks Nikodim! I will try all of your suggestions. They seem very logical.

    #3 is something I'm already doing.

    I will post my settings after taking action on #1 and #2

  • Nikodim, I've sent you a PM because I don't know how to lower the maximum website size to download 1 MB.

    I've looked around and couldn't find an option like this...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @zangeif112 - Click the options button on the main screen, then on the window that pops up, click the filter button on the left side and you'll see that option at the bottom.
  • In the original post I mentioned my LPM was between 3 and 5.

    Now it's 9+ :)

    I've taken the advice of disabling engines that I did not have many links for.

    I've turned off the profanity filter for my latest campaign, but not the others because I wanted to test it first...

    One good thing about my campaigns is - despite the low LPM - most of my videos rank page 1.  So I want to make sure turning off the bad word filter does not effect my rankings before I make that change globally.

    @s4nt0s thank you for clarifying how to limit the website download.  I'm doing that right now and after that I'll post my final LPM and settings...

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    If you think that this filter helps you, then you should not turn it off. There are probably more things to tweak besides this one.
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    The best is to let GSA SER run on all engines for couple of days and then use the stats to pick only those engines which were got most verifieds, you can easily use this feature inside GSA SER you don`t need to do it manually. But you must collect some stats before ,let gsa ser running for some time on all engines without any filters.
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    But to set the maximum website size to download to 1 MB, isn't it too low??
    It's a long time I'm testing many sizes, and in past posts written here on the forum I can read so many different suggestions for this number, from 1 mb to 30 mb.

    How is it possible to check the medium size of the sites we download? Maybe only checking them one after one? Maybe using some tool like this http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ ?
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    I don't know if this would make sense to anyone but my LpM actually decreased SIGNIFICANTLY when I set the Website download limit to 1mb...  In fact it dropped from 9 Lpm to under 1 LpM!

    Perhaps there are other factors at play here, but I can certainly confirm this was the only thing I changed...

    In fact, I set the download limit back up to a value that exceeded its original value (10mb) and I'm hitting 15+ LpM which is the highest I've been at since starting this thread.

    Crazy ain't it?

    Could it be that I was dropping too many of my links by setting this limit?

    In the meantime, I'm going to check out how others on the forum are posting their settings and I'll do the same.
  • magicallymagically http://i.imgur.com/Ban0Uo4.png
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    Same here...
    Running on a Intel I7 2.7GHZ with 16GB of ram and SSD drive...

    My LPM never goes above 2-5, despite using private proxies and adjusting filters...

    My guess is that GSA SER is more aimed for VPS/Dedicated Servers running Server Editions Software!
    What else should cause the performance to be shitlow?

    Don't say Antimalware Bytes is causing this issue - because that's bullshit Sven.
    I have dowloaded tons of gigs at full speed from usenet and maxed out the line here.
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    @zangeif112 I agree, I set that value on 12 mb for contextual projects and much lower (2 or 4 mb) for spam projects, and it works well
  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    OPs original post - trying running 250 projects.
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    @zangeif117 ;

    When you switch, for example, from 1 to 5 MB targets that were previously "unaccessible" for SER become available, thus higher speed. If you set say 20 MB, you risk to run into troubles if you use many threads and your list consists of fatties.

    When I did some tests (all settings being equal except size limit), albeit it was some time ago, the results showed that using 4 MB filter Vs 1 MB CPU usage, RAM usage and bandwidth usage were all considerably higher whilst verifieds yield - not as much. (for the same list)

    This may not be so now, as quite a large number of updates rolled out since then, and when you're operating say 50-100 threads it is of no matter, however with larger numbers of threads this can be an issue. The whole thing also varies from server to server as different variables are at place.

    So definitely you should try to find sweet spot there. (for your setup)
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