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The difference between scipting platforms for SER and other link building apps

I was wondering if someone would help me get my head around how coding platforms for SER works compared to sick or ubot.

I have been coding in sick, which is similar to ubot, for a while now and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around coding platforms for SER.

I have read the manual many times and looked at tons of examples but i think what is hanging me up is not being able to see the code perform visually.

for example in .sic you have to specify what to look for in the email with regex if you want something specific but in SER you say...well I'm not quite sure. and how do i tell the script in SER to check the email inbox and click the verify link if it is there?

I want to contribute more with more web2.0 platforms but am having a hard time taking off

thanks for the help


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