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Bing indexing

Any services help indexing on bing?


  • Submit to Bing....then spam the hell out of your site.
  • Thanks for the reply, however bing supposedly only indexes homepage URL e.g( when submitting, I was looking to index other links such as etc..

    Are there any services that support indexing for bing? or any ideas for quick indexing of urls in bing?
  • make an account on bing webmaster and submit your urls. You also have an option to submit your sitemap...
  • Good idea, but I thought you could only do that for urls from the domain that you have identified and confirmed to be yours with bing?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yeah, so buy a few domains, create 1000s of pages/posts on those domains, link back to your main domain, then submit your (pbn) sites' sitemaps through bing webmaster, hey presto, thousands of indexed backlinks pointing to your site.
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