Version 4.90 doesn't verify emails?

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I've just downloaded version 4.90 of GSA SER.  I noticed that when setting up a project, on the 3rd tab for Email verification, every time any email credentials are tested they always fail.  Even with emails that have already been tested and being used for other GSA projects in this version 4.90 they all fail.  I'm thinking if I start up GSA I'll have massive failure b/c no emails can be verified.  Sven can you test this out and weigh in on this?


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    just tested and works fine here when i try the login test (yahoo / gmail axx)
  • OzzOzz
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    someone at BHW posted today:
    "Actually hotmail started using captcha for unverified accounts"

    if thats the case than this could cause the error.

    PS: 'Test' is working fine for me.
  • Also tested and worked!
  • Ok, that explains it, that's terrible.  I have 25 projects that have been using hotmail accounts for the last two months so now they're useless for all 25?  Ok, so gmail, and yahoo work.  What's everyone else using?
  • I would use zenno or some other web scripting software and create a script to verify as I used zenno to put in filters.  
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