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Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 - Can i use this OS?

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Hi GSA Member,

I want to try OVH dedicated server, and many thanks for @hyde for his help. He send me two link :

dedicated server link : and a budget dedicated server :

my question is, can i run seo software at this Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 OS??? Reason i ask this is because OVH didn't charge any cost for this OS. It's FREE.

The software i want to run is GSA SER, GSA SEO indexer, CSX, SENuke X and Scrapebox.



  • helllo!

    i just did some tests on a win2008 R2 and it run not realy well ... i had much better experiens on win7 system

  • were the tests on the same VPS with different OS?
    win2008 R2 is absolutely recommend as its a slim OS compared to Win7, imo.

    but @darman82 asks about "Hyper-V Server 2008 R2". i don't know if there is any difference to "Server 2008 R2" so actual I'm not really helping here ;)
  • Runs fine to me, though be aware that OVH don't take kindly to SEO tools being used on there servers.
  • Funny you should make this post as I've been trying to sort out this Hyper V thing with OVH the last couple weeks. I bought a kimsurfi dedi late last year when they were still offering the 8-core i7 at a ridiculously low price. Back then they would let you install any version of windows but you'd have to "license" it yourself (aka patch it). This works awesome and the server is badass (I can run SER at 300 threads and only use 30 percent of the CPU cycles). Like doubleup says they don't take kindly to ip complaints so make sure you always use proxies.

    So I decided to get another one as I want to leave my first one for just Xrumer. Well now they apparently don't have the badass i7's as an option (through the cheap kimsurfi servers) but an i3 with 24GB of ram for 40 euro a month isn't too shabby either so I ordered one of those figuring I'd do the same deal with the patched Windows. Well, after I order I see that they have changed the installation options. Now there is no way to install Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 as I did on the first box. The only Windows option is Hyper-V Server. I messed with this for some time and have determined that this is just a core Windows server. That means it's just a command prompt... there is no Windows desktop so you can't run any SEO soft on it.

    I had several exchanges with OVH support complaining about not being able to install the Windows OS I want so that I can register it with my "own" license like I did on the other box with them. Well they responded (eventually... OVH is slow on support) saying that I'd have to buy a windows lic through them which is another 20 euro a month. I suppose it's still a good deal at 60 euro a month (about $72 USD) for this server (especially since I don't pay VAT being in the States) but argh... that's a pain in the ass. The other possible option would be to use Ubuntu and install VMWare with Windows running but that's a bit beyond me to configure that to work with RDP and all.

    Anyway, hopefully that enlightened you. I wish I had bought a gaggle of the i7 servers last year when the getting was good. Oh well.
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