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Very few verified and tons of submitted - What is the problem?

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I have a few questions that I simply do not understand about GSA Ser


1.How come GSA actually continues to find and ‘submit’ new targets/links, despite that the global list is ‘disabled’ and in the current project option search engines has been set to ‘’none”?


2.      How come GSA is able to submit tons of links, but only very few – and I do mean very few can actually be verified?


3.      Once a re-verification of the verified links are executed – almost 75% are removed as they no longer can be verified – How come?


4.      What exactly is the purpose of keeping the ‘submitted links’ – since when I execute verify on those – 1000’s remains on the list – and there are no longer mails left to check or verify?



Initially I though GSA was really fast and cool – but now I experience very few actually confirmed and hence verified links. In other words, it is like pissing against the wind – the shit comes back…

I let it run all day long with a combination of both private and public proxies, using 50 threads also.

I am sure settings are fine-tuned in each project I have made and same goes for the global settings.

They current situation is that I could manually create more links pr. Hour than GSA is doing right now….

Additionally I have used 2 GSA RED Verified lists – the results remain extremely poor – i.e. few confirmed links.

I also tried to manually scrape for new targets using a paid original version of Scrapebox – Also the same result…

I then tried to let Scrapebox do the comments and instantly the results improved greatly.


What the heck is wrong? How come GSA only creates tons of ‘submitted links’ – but fails to verify?


  • SvenSven

    1. can be other options like the one that uses verified urls to look for other people linking there or analyze of competitor links

    2. depends ont he engines you use and your content and setup in general. You will e.g. see a lot wordpress -artcile submissions but a few verifies only. BEcause most sites of that type allow registration, login but later no article posting.

    3, can be engines like guestbooks where your submitted link moves to page 2 or beyond. There is an option in projects to skip those links though.

    4. there is no use in keeping submitted if they do not verify...

    A side note to your proxy setup. If you use public proxies, then you get a lot issues as the once above.

  • magicallymagically
    Thank you for doing some clarification on topic.

    I will try to adjust the setting " the one that uses verified urls to look for other people linking there or analyze of competitor links"

    One more question - despite the fact I know it's almost impossible to answer or set any number/figures on:

    - Let's say you have a good mixed list, with blogs, forums etc...

    What should be expected as outcome pr. hour as verified using 50 threads...

    Now of course that's hard to say depending on captcha's, etc...But a common minimum figure??

    - Will also try to increase the use / amount of private proxies
    Actually I let the VPN connection do the email checking and the submission.

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Problems I see:

    Public proxies
    VPN connection
    PC at home

    Get a good VPS, use semi-dedicatied proxies and you should be able to raise your threads a lot.

    Consider investing $90 for one month and see what you can do. For $50 you can get a good VPS and $40 will buy you 50 semi dedicated proxies at Your results will be much better.

    Also, you're not getting many verifieds likely because of the targets you're building to.
  • magicallymagically
    Allright - So a heavy increasy of private/semi proxies will do the trick?

    About VPN - Will I have a very strong computer (Yep that's true) and a 150/150mbit Fiber Connection
    32GB of ram running on an intel corel i7 2.7GHZ

    I would say that is enough horsepower to build a few links....

    About the targets you are referring to - mind doing some clarification?
     - I don't want to build only url shortner and redirects - too spammy for sure.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I would spend the money and get a VPS. I've never (and I mean never) seen a home computer outperform a VPS. A VPS is housed in a datacenter that never gets throttled, doesn't have downtime, isn't subject to burst/peak speed increases and decreases, etc. You're welcome to take my advice or not on this issue, but if you choose not to and still don't get LPM you're happy with, you'll eventually need to succumb to my advice :)

    All serious SER users run on dedicated servers or VPS's. I have 17 currently.

    Regarding the targets...If you build thousands of blog comments they will get submitted but never verified because they were submitted by got filtered into a spam queue and therefore never actually posted publicly online.

    Some targets are like that more than others. Some instantly get posted like URL shorteners. The targets are really about your strategy. I know a guy who is happy with 5 links per day. I'm happy with 500,000, but that's just me :)
  • magicallymagically
    Absolutely agree - A VPS is top, no doubt about it.
    However, I'm not selling any links - just trying to improve some sites ranking a little;)

    Blog comments, url redirects, shortners are all a dangerous path, specially if you are building 500k a day:D
    I prefer other targets - hence I can accept a much lower success rate.

    17 VPS is a record - I never heard anyone using that many before...OMG:D
    Are u number 1 on all ranking keywords with such a huge amount of tiers?

    Personally I would be happy to be able to make 2-300 pr. day pr. site's tiers (I have 3), which would be 900.

    However I might consider to upgrade to a small vpn and do some serious damage, now that you recommend it...Will do some consideration on topic, specially if it continues to be so bad as it is right now.

    From I initiated this thread, and current time - I have 17 verified links and 4000 submitted.
    Now that is not good...
  • SerSyncSerSync
    Totally agree with Brandon. If you're serious about using SER to any level you really need to invest in a VPS and some decent private proxies.

    When I first started using SER I tried it on a desktop with a few private proxies and was so frustrated that I couldn't get more than 10-20 LPM.

    Didn't matter what I did. Once I upgraded to a VPS that all changed. The difference is massive.

    Now I can run SER like the beast it is and get LPM like below.

  • @SerSync Slow down on the bumping of old threads just to spam your service.

    Are you really going to reply to all the old threads just to spam/mention your service?
    Its a very lame think to do.
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