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GSA SER wiki, article, social networks - can't get past account creation

Last week I ran 3 projects, one for wikis, one for articles and one for social networks. These projects were dummy projects - I wanted to have a list with sites to post to, since I'm a beginner using GSA SER.
Yesterday I created my main project, I imported the list from the dummy projects and started my campaign.
I have a problem, I can't get past account creation (I also had this problem with those 3 projects).
My stats:
901 submitted, 1 verified, 223 emails received (1 hotmail address used).
I don't understand how I'm supposed to create backlinks using Wiki, Articles and Social Networks. If I choose to see the submitted urls I can see that on every line I have "[awaiting account verification]".
I changed the status of my campaign to "Verify only emails" a few times, 4 or 5. I didn't ticked in the "email options" the box that deletes all the emails after the verification link is found. And also I manually move the email from junk to inbox.
I just can't figure out how to do this. What's the next ?
Can anyone help me ?


  • Sorry for double post.
    Also, why every time GSA SER checks my mail my number of submitted sites goes down ? For ex, I have 100 submitted sites and 0 verified, after I check my mail the number goes down to 82.
  • SvenSven
    it's all in the FAQ
  • I still can't get GSA SER to check my emails.
    I made a few campaigns, with different email adresses (outlook, yahoo and now gmail). I also used a verified list with articles, social networks, wikis. Everything works fine, GSA SER is submitting my website (I used "dummy projects") but when I put the status of my campaign on "verify emails" it does nothing.
    For example, right now I have a project with 125 submitted, 2 verified and only 26 emails in my inbox (I moved those from spam to inbox).
    I start my campaign with "verify emails" status and it says:

    09:01:06: [ ] Verifying links...
    09:01:06: [ ] Checking E-Mail *** for links (118 verifications waiting)...
    09:01:09: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.
    09:01:09: [ ] Verifying finished (118 checks done)

    Sorry if what I'm asking is really dumb but I don't know how to work this out...
    Thanks !
  • SvenSven
    No E-Mails to read on this account. Make sure you do not check/delete emails using your E-Mail-Client/Browser.
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    Silly question @Banel, but did you remember to change your usernames if you duped your projects?

    Just trying to think what could give you such a drastic difference in results between 2 projects.
  • I havent duped my projects. I just made new campaigns using the global lists. I just get a lot of submissions,1000+, 10-15 verified links and 3-400 emails, but gsa ser is not parsing them. I watched the campaigns in real time.. I just can t figure out why gsa is not reading my emails, thus i have a lot of submissions waiting for account activation. Thanks for your answer.
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