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Really bad results

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I have contact sven sometimes, but nothing. He don't help me with this, and after about 1 month i didn't receive nothing from this software..It's strange becouse it seems all it's set corectly, but i receive about 15 verified links a day..this is pretty pore results

i have Captcha Sniper, 10 private proxies

On directory submision i have only 1 submision in 20 days, and are from unranked directory :)

Please try to help me


  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    - post screenshots of your settings
    - post log files (right click log -> safe to file)

    without any real infos about your setup its just a guessing game.
  • edited January 2013
    Ok i have insert 4 screenshoots, and the log file..please help me to put the right things for better results

  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    nothing uncommon in the log, imo.

    you should uncheck some search engines though.
    "[ ] 000/000 [Page END]  results on" occur a lot in your log.

    in your project option change "Pause project after 100 verifications for 1040 minutes" to "verifications reached in a day".

    your html timeout may be too low with 110 seconds. increase that to 180 and work downwards until you notice significant changes in less verifications. this low html timeout may be the reason for your low verification rate.

    to speed up submission you can change "use proxies for everything" to "just posting" and uncheck custom waiting time between search engines. your custom waiting time is 60 seconds which is the default waiting time anyway if you'd uncheck that option.
  • What you mean by ' uncheck some search engines though ' ?

    But it's self to run programm with html timeout so big? and with uncheck waiting time between search engines ?
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    >uncheck all search engines that don't give you any results for your search terms in your 
    'project options ' -> 'options' -> 'search engines to use'

    i don't get your "self to run programm with html timeout to big"-question really? 
    just change 'HTML timeout' in 'Options' --> 'Submission' to 180 and your verification rate should be better.
    uncheck waiting time between SEs is also safe if you are using all sort of different SEs, especially if you are on a VPS. the only thing you have to fear is that a SE will temp-ban you from searching or asking for a captcha. nothing crucial, your PC is not exploding and police won't give you a visit ;)
  • But im not on VPS , i run it on my personal computer, so what i must to change?
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    just do what i've told you. if you notice any captcha question when using google-search (or whatever SE you prefer) in private than uncheck those from your SE list, too.
  • Ok done, let's see if something changes. Thanks. And where i can uncheck this option you have said at last? Sorry but im little newbie!
  • Ozz is telling you exactly what to change, i will try to help in some things.

    Picture number 1: There is nothing there that can improve your results but anyways: Uncheck Use secondary anchor text with... you dont have secondary anchor text, why you have this cheked.

    Picture number 2: same nothing here but you should add more Generic Categories, this can impove your submission rate like: *General* *Misc.*

    Picture number 3: Pause the project after.. why you dont use 100 after a DAY, instead of 1040 mins its almost the same, but anyways this doesnt matter.

    Search Engine to Use: you selected 1,000 from 1,000, you know how many useless search engine are you using without getting results?.... jus try the 3 standard. go to your country and pick Google, yahoo and bing.

    You need to check Always use keywords to find target sites if you want niche related links.

    Picture number 4: If you are on your computer and you have a good CPU and RAM then you can stay at 50 threads.

    Change the HTML timeout to 180 and work downwards until you notice changes.

    Custom time to wait between search queries: try to use 10 seconds. 60 is too much.

  • Thanks a lot, this advice are helping me a lot, and hope will help also to best results with software.

    1. it's better to put also secondary anchor text?  if yes how to do this?

    2. Can you tell me more generic categories? so i must just simple to add Misc ?

    Well i have changed on 180, but which changes i must to see to stop the project or to change again?

  • 1- Only use secondary anchor text if you have a selection of keywors you want to rank for, i mean you selected to use Keywords as anchor text, i dont know how many keywords you have but GSA will pick a random keyword and use it as anchor text in your project.

    The normal thing to do is in picture #1: Anchor Text: here you will type the keyword or keywords you want to rank for and Uncheck use keywords as anchor text.

    In secondary anchor text you will use some Long tail or very related terms: e.g. Anchor text is: dog training, Secondary anchor can be: dog training ideas, how to train my dog, train your dog at home, best dog training program, etc..

    2- *General* *Misc* *Misc.* *Miscellanouse* just click Edit > Add Level

    GSA make the changes without stoping it.
  • Well i have changed all this, but i must to say that in 2 hours no one verified link, it's possible?
  • Is Captcha Sniper solving captchas?
  • Hi Dimcik,

    1) Please realize that it depends on how powerful your server is. You are running two softwares at once and CS will take a little time to solve captchas. IMO make sure you have solve unknown captchas checked in CS and you have selected all fields to solve.

    2) Just create a project with url - and anchor text google. Then select only social network, bookmarks, blogs etc. where every site has a captcha. Run it for a day and see how many successful links you get.

    3) Try and test your settings. GSA is a little complex but it's a Major beast. Pretty much all softwares mean nothing in front of it. And sven is the best programmer in IM history so he has loads of task to handle - adding features and fixing bugs. Remember that he cannot personally check into your posting problems because if the software works then there is something wrong in your configuration (just being nice :)) which is giving you problems.

    Tweak and test and see what you get. You will have to let it run for 2-3 days to see what kind of performance you are getting.

  • SvenSven
    It's my real day in office today (before I worked online) and I told you I have a look on your problem when back in office. So I did and replied to your email. //thats for getting my reputation fixed//
  • Well i run it on my computer, and it's pretty good. And i try to run only this 2 softwares CS and Gsa...
    CS seems that solve captchas, and all seems to be set good, and for this i don't understand why can't work for me
  • you sure your proxies are good?, you need to realize that we are all using GSA and we are having success with it, if you are the only one with this issue the problem is not GSA its something wrong with your (PC, software, proxys, ISP, etc...)
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro

    Well i have changed all this, but i must to say that in 2 hours no one verified link, it's possible?

    GSA doesn't check the links instantly, it verifies the links on a timed schedule.  If you're looking for verified links, you should set to schedule to 100 verified links per day rather than 100 submissions.

    Some submissions could take weeks or months before they show up, others will be instant.
  • @rodol seems all was set as well, sven have just adjust some things i will see if will increase results

    @brandol so all verified submissions that don't show on last verified url's have chance do go live after some time?
  • @brandol so all verified submissions that don't show on last verified url's have chance do go live after some time?

    thats correct.
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