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New Microblogging Platform - [Blogtronix/Sharetronix]

I tried following ozz's tutorial on creating your own script but this one is abit tricky.

Example site

It requires you verify the email before you get to see the registration form(an attempt at preventing botting probably).Would be great if you can add this as it's quite popular and good for indexing once a micro message is left with a link.

 inurl:view "Powered by Blogtronix" -returns 15m results
inurl:view "Powered by sharetronix" -returns 2.8m results
inurl:view/post "Attached Image: " "Powered by" -returns 172k results

Seeing they are too many,it would be good if they could be filtered by PR.



  • SvenSven
    You can script it to do the rest of the registration part on login and instantly go to the submission part.
  • The captcha of this engine can be solved with 100% success rate ;)
  • SvenSven
    @Ozz I know you don't want to, but might be a good test for the "Share captcha" function in CB? ;)
  • "Share captcha" function ?

    what does this function do ?
  • SvenSven
    It shares captchas you optimized or created new online for everyone to download quickly.
  • @Sven: can't really do "the share" without the SER engine because its one of the "multi image captchas" where each character is a different image. In my understanding SER needs to create a *.bmp for this to sent the complete captcha to CB.

    I just noticed that this is a "Hash"-compatible captcha with 100% solving rate and 0,00 seconds solving time ;)

    @sootedninjas: 'right click'  --> 'share' in you beta of CB. it creates a zip file with a download links which you can post to the forum and everyone can import.
  • SvenSven

    @Ozz OK I see...just scripted this together and hopefully it's working on next version (not that good results with it right now)

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