What happens if I delete all the accounts made by Ser?

I wonder if deleting all the accounts of my upper tiers (T2 and T2S) I can create easily new backlinks. But I see a double warning question before to delete them.
Are there problems for something deleting them?


  • Well, I already deleted everything... I have to learn one day to stay quiet and don't do too much tests with Ser
    Strange, at the beginning was everything very slow, with low LPM and low verified.

    Now it's almost fast like before, but I also changed all the emails, just in case...

    I still wonder if it's useful to keep all the accounts made in the past.... :-?
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    @peterperseo - Shhhhh! It's a Jedi trick. The only reason to keep those accounts is if someday you might need to delete links. I don't know about you, but I would never do that on a T2 or lower anway. So I guess you have my answer. 
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    Make sure to change the usernames/emails in those projects if you plan to build more links on the same sites peter!
  • Thanks for the replies  :)

    I saved all the deleted accounts on a excel file, just in case I'll need them in the future.

    8 months using Ser, testing all its features, and probably I still have so much to learn... 
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