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Software only producing 36 links max! Help!!


I went to run the URL Redirect PRO software and I pasted in the URL of 
my client's site. I entered a few keywords and made sure that ALL link
types were selected PR 3 or better and I'm running 10 private proxies.

Normally 400 to 500 are produced non recursive and when I turn that 
on the numbers go to 100,000+. But for some reason the software is 
only producing a maximum of 36 links total.

Anyone know why this might be happening? Is there a software reset?


  • SvenSven
    what other filters do you use? Do you use proxies?
  • are you submitting the same url over and over again?

    it's running fine for me non-stop.
  • SvenSven
    edited October 2014

    I think there is no need to give him support anymore. This is what I received by email from him:


    Ever heard of negative SEO? Be careful how you 
    treat your customers.



    I can tell you have a bad impression of me and that's because you made a mistake with your last update and instead of apologizing you allowed other members to make excuses for you.
    This is your software man. 
    I'm sick and tired of your lack of effort. You might be a good programmer but your attitude sucks dick.
    And that you can print.
    Sent from my iPhone
    On Oct 7, 2014, at 12:13 AM, I wrote:
    Hello Marshall,
    no need to send me emails with forum topics. If I feel the need to
    response there, I will do it.
    With Best Regards
    Sven Bansemer 
    07.10.2014 07:44, @BeyondPro:
    Have you seen this thread?
  • SvenSven
    Thats what I call a "customer". Blackmailing!
  • SvenSven

    Anyway I know his address and his business, if there is any negative SEO sign I blame him and I will reveal his identify. I think thats just fair.

    His license is also no longer working as I charged back all the money and made a refund. I don't need such customers.

  • Bloody hell, what a dick!
  • I guess he did all the name calling to get a refund.
  • SvenSven

    No not at all...When I issued the refund I got those two nice emails...

    You can't do stuff to my software on your 
    end to make it not work.

    I paid for the software.

    You can issue me a $37 refund or 
    we can initiate International law suit.

    I'm totally fine with whatever but doing 
    something like causing an internal error
    on my software causing me to have to 
    seek support after you told me you won't 
    help me anymore, that's fraud.

    So what's it going to be?

    Refund, law suit or make my software 
    work again?

    Up to you. 

    I can promise you, I'm way more 
    connected than you think and you 
    don't want to go the dark route bro.

    Just fix my fucking software.
    --------------------- AND --------------------

    I don't know how it's even legal that you 
    can change a code on your end to make 
    my software not work but seriously who 
    the fuck do you think you are?

    I'm a paying customer.

    So what if I'm not nice and I'm a bit 
    more brash than the rest?

    I run a huge Internet Marketing company 
    and I'm not about to let some needle 
    nose bitch punk programmer try and 
    hurt my online success.

    I'm sorry if you're such an emotional
    person that you're the kind of loser 
    who goes and screws with people's 
    software when they get mad that 
    they aren't getting any support.

    It took me having to email the fucking
    thread to you to get you off your 
    ass to respond.

    What's the point of the forums when 
    I post a discussion that nobody responds
    to until I post it directly to your email??

    You see how I could be upset by your 
    shitty customer service??

    This is bullshit Sven. You think you 
    can just hack my software and make 
    it not work and hurt my business and 
    that nothing is going to happen to you.

    For one, Karma is going to get you 
    for this. Who the fuck do you think 
    you are?

    You get one pissed off customer and 
    then you go and shut my software down?

    You're a scam artist and GSA is a scam
    and I'm going to use my legal powers 
    to shut it down because you want to 
    play a dirty game and hide behind your 
    German walls and act like you're the 
    boss. Fine. 

    I guess we can never be friends and 
    you said you don't want to help me 
    anymore and you just want to steal my 
    money that I paid for the software...

    I'm reporting this to my attorney
    and I guess we can get a press 
    release started with your name 
    in the headline.

    The world needs to know about you.
  • SvenSven

    BUT I also got this one (last one)....

    I'm probably the craziest customer you've ever dealt with.
    For that I apologize.
    I'm far too busy to ruin your name and reputation through press releases even though I'm fully capable of doing that just as you are.
    I just want to apologize and say thank you for liberating me from this business.
    By shutting down my software now I'm not going to be able to rank my client sites and therefore you've got the upper hand.
    I apologize for all name calling and for anything else I said to upset you.
    I don't expect you to fix what you did to my software.
    I just feel bad for how this all happened.
    Your reply to my email is what caused me to get so upset.
    Oh well, you did me a favor even though it hurts inside right now.
    I guess I'll start off loading my clients. 
    Thanks Sven. 
  • SvenSven

    Unlike others, I can also post my reply to this...

    I just read partly the 3 emails you send and I will again response on
    forum as you want it.
    Just a few points:
    1. I issued a refund and money will arrive to your end asap.
    2. I did not hack any software, I disabled your license on our license
    server. Thats a difference
    3. You started the fire with such rude words calling me a Moron where I
    just wanted to cut support time answering things on forum
    4. The software itself was never broken or anything. It had to be
    something on your end as you are the only one with problems. I was about
    to fix it, having a look what could be the cause. You somehow gone over
    the edge.
    5. Then this nonsense letter about lawsuite. You want to ruin my
    business with blackmail/negative SEO. I mean what should I do about this
    than not reacting the way I did?
    6. The only emotional person here is you reacting as you did. Writing
    two very angree emails full of nonsens and after that one to apologize.
    7. I do my best to help people on forum, email and phone. But if I get
    an email with just an URL and some rude tone as "check this thread"
    without a "hello" or "bye", then I react as I did...I go to the forum
    having a look and answering there and telling you things in email. Maybe
    it was a bit of a wrong tone but nothing that would explain your
    response to that. I try my best with support. It's not my native
    language, don't forget that.
    8. Someone doing negative SEO does not have the right to use our
    software at all. We disable all licenses if we get to know about such
  • SvenSven
    I know a bit of a drama queen here (me included)...I don't even know how this could end like this.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    That's some crazy shit! 

    He sounds like a spotty teenager locked in his mums basement trolling and playing world of war craft  =))

    You don't need clowns like that even touching your software theyll just abuse it and ruin it for the rest of us 
  • This is the same shit i experience on a daily basis with some wierd customers,its funny how this guy talks shit but sven still ends up replying to him,thats what you call being professional! props to you sven :)
  • So he was threatening Sven with negative SEO and going to use SER to achieve it. Amazing =))
  • @MorphMan I play world of Warcraft -_- it's a nice game :(
  • SvenSven
    @young_gooner, to be honest, I am not that professional at all. In the end Im just a coder having to deal with customers as Im just one of two guys running this company. I have to apologize for not reacting professional in many cases as I should to our customers. I talk to each one the same way they treat me, no business talk. Not how it should be done I guess.
  • this thread made my day.Sven is such a gentleman
  • Tim89Tim89
    lmfao, insane!
  • One of the emails looks like it's written in verse
    a haiku would have saved time
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