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VPS vs Home Server, Proxies and Other Stuff

davbeldavbel UK
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Howdy All

I've been playing with GSA for about 3 weeks now and after spending a lot of time on the forums and tinkering, I need some help :-)

I run GSA along with SB and MS on what was my old PC which is now running Windows Home Server 2011.  Up until approx 12 months ago, I'd only ever done manual linking or gigs on fiverr, so prior to that my server was used exclusively to stream music and movies. 

However, when I subscribed to MS, it made sense to install it on the server and RDC into it rather than using my desktop, as the server is always on (and consumes much less power), and therefore can post whenever the scheduler runs.

Since then, I've pretty much used the server as an SEO  VPS setting it up so I can connect from anywhere etc etc and I'm now running GSA 24-7, MS shededuler that runs about 15-25 times a day, SB on and off, as well as other bits of sw as needed.

The server is running on an overclocked Intel E6600 with 4gb of the fasted RAM that the mobo supported when new (1066Mhz seems to ring a bell?)

GSA is running with threads set to 175 max plus I'm using (free) proxies everywhere with search engine queries time set at 30 secs and as I've already said, MS runs as and when and I use SB and a few other programs when I'm setting up campaigns etc, but pretty much most of the time GSA is on it's own.

However, GSA seems to run at only about 20-70 threads most of the time, only ever peeking at 175 when the verifications are running.  The server seems to plod along at an average of about 20-30% CPU when only GSA is running, peeking at about 40-60% when other processes run. 

My connection is 30Mbps fibre broadband.

I've seen posts on the forums of other users using a VPS achieving 600 threads with 1000's & 1000's of posts everyday and just wanted to know if 200-400 posts per day is the most I'm going to achieve as is, or are there ways I can tweak my set-up for more posts?

I understand alot of this is down to campaign settings etc, but just wanted to get some feedback about what I should realistically expect and whether I should look at a VPS?????

Sorry if it's a long post :-)


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    When you say 200-400 posts, are you talking about submissions or verifications?  Even running 175 threads you should get more than 200-400 verifications.  What are you campaign settings?
  • Internet speed does matter but I would say double check your setting as well. Since you have a lot of extra room, try to scale up your threads.
  • do you a favour and buy some private proxies ;)

    in the mean time use public proxies for posting only ('Options -> Submission') and deselect "Google" or any other SE in your project settings you are using in private (= on your desktop PC), if you feel that they temp-ban you. 
    also increase your thread count (a lot) with public proxies as many threads are in idle-mode when the proxy is dead already or veeeery slow and used by SER.
  • Cheers all

    I mean verifications.

    I'm only running 10 test campaigns, four of which link direct to money sites, so are high quality campaigns with high PR and low OB links selected and the rest are 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier links to these four or to other links I've built using MS so are pretty much post everywhere.

    Each campaign has something like 400-1500 keywords.  Some are very niche and I wouldn't expect a lot of links, but some are quite broad/generic.

    I'd kind of guessed it might have been a proxy thing and I've been thinking about getting some but never having used them before I was unsure whether I should get private proxies or something like HMA Pro VPN.
  • HMA will ban you once they detect you are using them for SEO purposes according to some user reports. Buy a couple proxies from ProxyHub for the start and check out how it works. 
    Until then do what I've suggested as searching with public proxies is not recommended.
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