Social bookmarks to post just with Capctha sniper?

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once i saw somewhere (not sure if here) a quite big list of different social bookmarking sites that have either no captcha needed for registration or just captchas solvable by CS. Does anybody have such list? I cant find it anymore :(

I such lists would be very useful, not just for social bookmarks but maybe for social networks or microblogs as well...



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    Not sure about captcha sniper but when GSA Captcha Breaker comes out you can will be able to break captchas on
    1. Getboo
    2. Meneame
    3. mylinkvault
    4. PHPBookmark
    5. PhpDug
    6. Pligg
    7. Plublic Bookmark
    8. Scuttle
    9. Viral Socializer Script

    This list is of course subject to change cause us beta testers are breaking more captcha types every day and adding them.

    GSA Captcha Breaker has not been publicly released yet so just hold on for a bit longer.

  • OzzOzz
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    + Technorati (only profile link though)
    + Humsurfer
    + Reddit
    + Buddymarks


    but most of them aren't supported by SER anyway so there is no need for it right now and i'm holding them back for now  to see how things are developing as i don't want to be the fool who does all the work for everyone.

    regarding microblogs there are
    + revou (which will be solved by SER automatically though)
    + twitter (mobile version - not supported by SER)
    + (registration is closed for this site. not working atm)
  • Are you sure with Pligg? Most of pligg sites have recaptcha and i dont think CB will be able to solve them...
  • i've built thousands of accounts to pligg sites which using another captcha than recaptcha.
  • Actually, i realized i can just scrape all bookmark site and let them run with CS :) Then i will get a list of CS-ready sites, no need for any special list...

    Pls forgot that i asked something! ;-)
  • good to know ! .. hope ,) you release them sometome ozz your work for GSA is amazing !
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