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Incorporate New FCS Networker API into GSA SER

FCS Networker just released an API to retrieve links from projects. It would be nice to be able to use this feature in GSA SER to just have pull the links from FCS directly into the software.

More info:



  • SvenSven
    edited October 2014

    To be honest, I never had a look at there tool/service so I have absolutely no idea what this does. Whats that returned link? It is an account to login and start posting? I mean what should SER do with that link when retrived from there API?

    Might be a stupid question, but again, I never played with this. Im a coder, no SEO expert as you might know.

  • @Sven, the API returns url's of the Web 2.0 posts that their software has made. I presume the intention is that they are imported into SER and SER then builds links to them.

    FCS Networker is the same thing as Rankwyz, it creates and builds posts on Web 2.0 sites
  • Yeah, it would be great to have it implemented in order to build links easily to them or for indexing purposes, for example.
  • @Sven, filescape summed it up pretty well.
  • kottke I think this is a very good idea.
  • I agree as well
  • Would like to see this too.
  • SvenSven
    ok if someone can offer me access to this, I might add it. I basically need something to debug on.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Would someone please tag me if this is implemented and working?
  • @Sven...check you PMs.
  • Hey Sven im the owner of FCS. If you need anything just hit me up. The API is very simple. Just returns the links 1 per line. Should be pretty easy to get implemented but let me know if you need anything.
  • +1 that will be great integration
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    edited October 2014
    The problem is before you can import those links into ser you must anyway verify them with scrapebox cos a lot of them may be dead just after fcs submission is finished ,it is happening all the time list of links fcs reports is never accurate many failed submissions
  • @bestimtoolz is correct.. But not all of us got a scrapebox.. Hope fcsnetworker can find an alternative
  • @bestimtoolz and @Molex...I didn't realize this was happening. Guess I should check my links a little more carefully.
  • edited October 2014
    All links reported were successful when posted. If you are seeing a lot of dead links it means your posts are being deleted. The reason we don't offer re-verifying of links is because we have close to a million submissions going out per day. So we have 10's of millions of user links in our database at any given time. It would just be too much load on our servers to have them constantly checked and re-checked to see if they are still alive. Certain desktop software can do this because its not nearly the same amount of links and the load is on the users computer. If we find a way to do this without needing tremendous amounts of server power we'll definitely add it in. But all links given were successful at the time of the submission.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    following...long time FCS user
  • @dp40oz...I agree it would be difficult on your end to have FCS recheck all links considering the volume. I don't know if this is possible, but maybe GSA SER could verify them once they are imported, basically taking the Scrapebox step out of the equation. Just an idea.
  • Interested to know it myself too
  • @kottke i think gsa cannot do that =))
    unless @sven will do something about it
  • +1 that for the Basic Integration…

    +1 for an advanced integration with Link checker…
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    edited October 2014
    dp40oz - I am not saying FCS is a bad tool, it`s very very good, I manage couple of thousands blogs now, but we all just need some verification, probably on SER before we can build the links to FCS backlinks, otherwise this feature will be completely useless.

    It`s true it all depends on quality of article, this you post for the first time without any backlinks etc. there are many factors to decerease the deletion rate I don`t blame FCS for that, but it just happen, sometimes article is good but admin for some reason suspend account and it is just happening all the time, despite that FCS success rate is very good, I am very satisfied with your service, truely there are no real competition to FCS, I have tried Rankqwyz in the past and I left them very dissapointed.

    If Sven could implement in some way a kind of verification during importing from FCS it would be just great feature. These days I have to check all the backlinks from FCS and any other tool manually with scrapebox, such verification in SER could speed up the importing process and anyway it would be great  to have a possibility to reverify the websites URLs we`ve imported from FCS. Now we all have to copy them to clipboard put to scrapebox, reverify and import again to GSA SER. It`s a bit time consuming. (:
  • SvenSven

    If I find a bit more time it will be added like this...

    1. The API key and project name is entered in project options.

    2. The api is called in intervalls to put latest urls of that project.

    3. The URLs/Accounts are added to the projects verified URLs

    4. Any tier project will see the new amount of urls and starts building links to it. 

    This setup makes it possible to do reverifications and all on it's own.

  • ronron
    Great job @sven - you are going to make a lot of people very happy!

    +1 =D>
  • I'm very happy with this addition. Excellent news @sven .
  • @Sven love that =)

    but is there a way to reverify if the link coming from fcsnetworker api to verifiy if it exist? or not? if not it will auto remove them?
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    +1 i am following this as well!
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    It would be absolutely fantastic if you could do that this way.
  • SvenSven
    next version has this included.
  • @Sven
    Thanks so much
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