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★★★[BRAND NEW]★★★ SuperHAC Version 5 w/ Sockets Creation! (Super Hotmail Account Creator)

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- FAST Sockets Hotmail & Outlook Account Creation
- POP Enabled
- Inbox Rule Enabled
- Aliases Creation
- Account Verification
- Default, GSA, Spin, Custom Outputs
- Proxy checker
- Custom Username Editor
-Custom Output Editor
- Private and Public Proxy Support
- Multithreading
- Automatic Captcha Solving
- In-depth Activity Log
- Advanced Configuration
- Multiple Configuration Files
- Highly Randomized Process
- Auto Incorrect Captcha Reporting





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    Dimesale! - Grab a lifetime license for only $7.00!

  • 10/01/2014 v5.091
    - [new] option to enable/disable bad captcha reporting
    - [new] option to choose gender
  • Hey guys,

    Which CAPTCHA services do you support?
  • @CheapcaptchaCS - DeathByCaptcha, ImageTyperz, ImageDecoders
  • latest version seems to fail :-(... Just updated and after update the creation doesn't work. No threads starting.
  • @TOPtActics - Please open a support ticket so we can fix it -
  • 10/05/2014 v5.095
    - small fix

    10/05/2014 v5.094
    - more trustworthy verification process
    - added new alias limit error
    - proxy will not be removed on captcha service connection error
    - fixed logging in issues
    - check proxies on run option turned off if proxies turned off
  • Hi acamso,

    haven't tried out the new superhac yet, but do the created hotmail accounts disable the junk folder?

  • @dmrt Yes, all messages land in the inbox.
  • 10/06/2014 v5.098
    - fixed first name to mirror gender choice
    - made change to username generation to reduce 'invalid username' errors
    - enhanced proxy checker to reduce 'logging in' errors

    10/06/2014 v5.097
    - small fix

    10/06/2014 v5.096
    - fixed user:pass proxy issue
    - fixed logging in issues
  • 10/07/2014 v5.099
    - [new] 'used proxies' system to only use proxies that have not been used 3 times in the past 24 hours
    - [new] option to automatically set captcha wait to mirror DBC solve time
    - fixed alias creation loop
    - fixed proxy checker total count
    - small proxy checker fixes
    I will have a huge update for v5.100. Please add your suggestion(s) here:
  • SuperHAC is working again for me :-). Great App
  • you saving my life!
  • Just wanted to chime in and say this is the best email creator available. I used the old version for over a year and this one is even better. Great work!
  • 10/10/2014 v5.0992
    - small verification fix

    10/10/2014 v5.0991
    - [new] option to choose number of aliases
    - [new] option to choose number of alias creation attempts
    - fixed verification
    - removes proxy if it fails logging in
  • Reminder to all SuperHAC users:

    There is a huge update coming. If you have not done so already, add your feature requests here: to make sure your requests are included in the next update.
  • @acamso every time I try to run the update it gets into a loop where once it's d/l the update it asks if I want to d/l the update again
  • edited October 2014
    @davbel - I can help you on the helpdesk:
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    for capthcas do i have to have deathbycaptcha or captcha breaker would work? p.s. i am a noob!
  • 10/24/2014 v5.1000
    - [new] option to phone verify accounts
    - [new] advanced PVA system
    - [new] advanced captcha system
    - [new] advanced prerun system
    - [new] option to forward accounts to specified email address
    - [new] option to import proxies from url and apply
    - [new] option to choose alternate email
    - [new] option to choose password length
    - [new] option to randomize password length
    - [new] option to choose save folder
    - [new] option to choose save in .txt or .csv format
    - [new] captcha service - Decaptcher
    - [new] captcha service - AntiCaptcha
    - [new] captcha service - BypassCaptcha
    - [new] in-depth check captcha services reporting
    - [new] option to choose overload percentage to mark services
    - [new] option to solve manually if all else fails
    - [new] option to skip services marked overload
    - [new] option to download captcha directly
    - [new] phone service - BypassVoice
    - [new] button to buy PVA credits
    - [new] PVA settings - phone number usage, phone number minimum, retries, submit phone wait, grab file retries, grab file retries wait, grab code retries, grab code retries wait, submit code wait
    - [new] EVA settings - retries, retries wait
    - [new] option to choose autosave folder
    - [new] option to autosave activity log
    - [new] option to show proxy for activity log
    - [new] option to autosave error log
    - [new] option to show proxy for error log
    - [new] option to run a .exe on completion
    - [new] option to choose .exe to run with ability to open
    - [new] option to choose textarea BG color
    - [new] textarea tool - copy
    - [new] custom username options - first name, last name, random letter, random number (more than 3)
    - [new] custom output options - forward email, IP address, username, domain name, first name, last name, country, zip code, birth day, birth month, birth year, gender, phone number, alternate email, POP, inbox rule, aliases, aliases num, forwarding, email verified, phone verified
    - [new] files and folder monitor with ability to open
    - [new] advanced activity and error reporting
    - [new] monitor variables - phone numbers created, PVA captchas solved, PVA bad captchas, PVA decodes, PVA bad decodes
    - [new] feature to load last used config on startup
    - [new] folders
    - [new] config files
    - integrated home IP into used proxies system
    - captcha priority start with DBC and works downwards
    - leave all blank to solve captcha manually
    - clean, enhanced code for performance and efficiency
    - captcha retries, captcha retries wait, mirror solve time only apply to DBC and AC
    - AC does not support bad captcha reporting
    - removed browser mode
    - update info and announcements appear on startup after updating
    - various UI changes
    - other various changes and fixes
    - plus much more

  • @acamso Question before purchasing:

    1. do you require me to have captcha service &Private Proxies to run this software?
    2. How many accounts allow to create per hour?
    3. can i create unlimited accounts?
    4. is there any GSA output format?


    1. They are not required, but recommended to have both.
    2. You can create 3 accounts per IP/proxy per 24 hours.
    3. Yes, there are no limitations
    4. Yes

    Let me know if you have any other questions
  • @acamso

    Ahh okay.

    so if i have 30 private proxy i can only create 90 email a day. correct?


    With 30 private proxies, you can create 90 accounts per day.. that's right. However, with the alias creation option checked off, you can create an additional 10 emails per account. So you can create 990 emails per day.
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    acamso you never answered my question, but thats okay!

    I would just like to say- i have created more then 100 accounts since i purchased this software! It works like a charm! And i cant believe it only cost me $7 while other software like this on the market has a price tag of over $50. Thanks & Job well done!
  • @xeroxias

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry I missed your question .. it's been crazy over here. DBC is not required as you can choose from 5 other services and manual. Captcha Breaker will need custom definitions as it did not solve Hotmail captchas out of the box (last I checked).
  • Ive been a long time Superhac user and the software is awesome but do you have to change the layout all the time? Its like every week or two I have to re-learn it, create new config files ect.. I appreciate the updates but it'd be nice if the layout wasn't constantly changing.
  • @dp40oz

    Sorry, as it expands, things need to be changed around because of space and other factors
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