**SERLists Tutorial: Optimizing Tiered Linking Campaigns**



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    @ron we use a similar filter of metrics and I agree it's an art more than science. I rely pretty heavy on TF and pr is a decent indicator of where to at least get things started. It's my understand pa da and pr are done and it's all about cf and tf with p3.0. May or may not be true, but that's how I've always operated. I don't churn and burn, but I do take a lot of shots. Like with anything in life, quality control is everything. By "done" I mean it was semi useful before and is useful as an indicator of potential good stuff, but those are easy metrics to play around with.
  • @lmint take a look at RDS bar if you use Firefox.  It's highly configurable and allows you to see Mozrank, PA/DA CF/TF and lots of other metrics too
  • @davbel‌ , that's one hell of a feature list. I looked at a paid service/product called follow.net which was similar but couldn't justify the spend.
  • @davbel will check it out. I use the moz bar and majestic add on in Firefox for daily use but I'll check that one out. Thanks
  • @davbel: Thanks for the heads up on the toolbar. I love the toolbars that give me a SERP overlay with PR, TF, PA, DA, etc.

    I don't know if I would call it an art, but evaluating domains requires a lot of intuitive thinking and analysis. I do use Moz, PR, and Majestic. Moztrust is a good metric as well. No metric exists in a vacuum.  A site could have a TF of 25, but if the CF is 60, run far, run fast.

    I read somewhere that sites that get penalized generally have at least a 10 point split between TF and CF.

  • Thanks for the few tips, I started checking the post to "dofollows" only. Don't know why I missed that option.

    Anyways, I'm always interested in improving my tiered structure and I do have a question.

    Traditionally, I am only building contextual tiers to my web 2.0 and then blasting those contextual tiers with the sink kitchen. I think it was Ron that suggested layering ANOTHER contextual tier and blasting those with kitchen sink, and then even one MORE contextual tiers along with another blast.

    Are there actual better results with this method rather than just blasting with 1 contextual tier + kitchen sink? In my mind, it seems like that is just overdoing it- piling contextual tiers on top of each other like that. I know if Ron suggested it, it must have proven results. But to me it seems like just creating more contextuals on the same tier with more kitchen sink on the spam tier would do the trick?
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    My ears were burning, lol.

    @markhoward - I think that the purpose of the whole Tiered linking post I made was just an effort to educate people on how to make tiers, etc. But that post was almost 2 years ago. A lot has changed.

    You really need to analyze the actual niche you are targeting to understand the backlinking profiles of the most competitive websites. There are such vast differences in how to rank with one niche vs another.

    Generally speaking do follows are quite nice, and the same applies with contextual properties. But this is what happens behind the scenes at the lower tier levels. What really matters are what types of links you are throwing at the moneysite.

    I am not one to go too deep with tiers. My focus now is on the T1, and not making mistakes there.
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    Yup. Focus on getting your T1s right before diving deep into tiering. Even if you get with a penalty on your MS at least you will  have an asset than can be used on another site.  T1s need to be unique, relevant, and authoritative. Everything else is just gravy. 

  • @ron
    Hi Ron, you said for tier 2 to use the keywords we want to rank for first. What should we use for tier 3 or higher? Thanks
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    @verticalvic - I use the same set of keywords for both T2 and T3.
  • This is a GREAT tut. I been using GSA for about 2 years maybe and I stopped about 9 months ago after my SEO biz plumented :(

    Anyways with this thread I want to take my other main biz to the next level and do it right. So this tut will be very helpful.

    My question is though on the T1 links that you build, what platforms are you using for T1 links like 2.0, articles, bookmarks etc AND are you doing this from your own scraped list or just what GSA can do on its own?
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    @Domainer - It depends on how serious I am about the moneysite. If I am just throwing up stuff like minisites, I don't get all worked up about my T1. Meaning I won't go either buy or create web2.0's, and instead just use the filters like PR on SER, and let SER create the T1.

    With a more serious site, I always build out web2.0's whether through something like Rankwyz, FCS, etc., or buy them, or sometimes I even build them myself. Web2.0's are my preferred out of all of them, but Articles and Wikis are really good as well. But they are limited to one page if you know what I mean. Bookmarks are not a T1 to build tiers under - in real life, no one builds links to a bookmark - it is illogical. Use quality bookmarks directly at the moneysite on an as-needed basis, with no tiers.

    No matter how you slice it and do the SEO, you must have a list, either yours or someone else's. You really need the juice hitting hard from underneath. There is just no escaping the reality.
  • @ron thank you so much for the input. What I an trying out is list under each type of platform for each of my kewwords. I used to do Rankwyz but it got buggy. Who is just like rankwyz now out there and is cheap?

    I am building a brand. A serious brand so I want to be careful what I do. I am taking this road of automation and doing a lot of manual (or I should say I will be) work from the likes of Backlinko and neil Patel. I want to do this right per say.

    Thanx again and I am on the hunt now to catch up on some up to date tut videos on GSA
  • ronron SERLists.com
    Then do your own private purchased PBN's.  ;)
  • Man Ron I hate that you guys don't sell lists anymore.  :-t Anybody have some reccommendations on who to use now for lists?  I just figured it would help to ask instead of spending a bunch of money on trial and error. thanks in advance.
  • @ron when did you stop selling your lists?
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    Seo_Gladiator Pretty new here, but I'm happy with Trevor's lists, tried a few others and there is quite a difference, really. What I like best is he also adds engine mods that sven later adopts for SER and also captcha improvements for CB with the list updates. I could probably find a link around if you wanna give it a go :)
  • Thanks for the info. I'm definitely interested in looking at it. if you could find a Are these not list your are currently using for your  own campaigns right now?

  • If Ron has stopped selling lists then yes please @caumi22 for the link.
    I've played with scraping my own but it is so time consuming and involved buying lists in is such a time saver.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    caumi22 Thanks for mentioning me here. I really appreciate it.

    Seo_Gladiator @Mitch ;Hey guys, here's my sales thread:

    If you have any questions, you can send me a PM or something.
  • Mitch,

    I couldn't agree more. I hate scraping all for links.  Trevor I will be contacting later this week to purchase and try it out. thank you caumii22 and Trevor

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    New list will be out in a couple more days. Will update my sales thread when it's ready.
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    @Seo_Gladiator Yes, I'm using the lists myself, not a past thing 

    @Mitch Guess trevor himself posted the links, I was digging thru my skype trying to find it, lol. Agreed on the scraping, couple months ago tried that also, and definitely worth it for me to get someone that does it as a service.  Guess I could if I really wanted to, or if Trevor stopped or something, but like you say, so many resources -- time, proxies, hardware -- not worth it for me do it myself atm
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    New list is out. Just posted list information in my sales thread.
  • Has anybody used both the lists from Trevor and those from Ron that can give a comparison? How do they match up?

  • I have imported list to ser of 100K targets, It has built 116 links in 10 days (I have set to 25 per day).
    Now its not building more links. What do you think is the reason ? 
  • Hi @ron
    I can't open your site (SERLists.com), have you already close the site? Will you reopen it in the future? Tks!
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    Just to clarify this guide

    on step 4 where we add 2 additional links for tier 2, what will these additional links be exactly ? Like what URLs are chosen ? Are they just random URLs found online ? Or will it pick 2 additional tier 1 verified links of ours ?   
  • Can anyone clear that up for me ? 
  • Hey hatterftw i have the same question :)

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