**SERLists Tutorial: Optimizing Tiered Linking Campaigns**



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    I don't even use exact match in my GSA T1 campaigns. It's way too easy to hit an over-optimization penalty. All of my EM are manually added through 2.0s. PBN, etc and used very very sparingly and carefully monitored. I'm guilty of overdoing it in the past.  :))
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    @ron Can I ask why you only do one link? Isn't it best to hide the money site link with other random links to hide the footprint? Also when I do my tier 1 2.0's (with ser engines) should I just post one article in a blog or should I do 4-5? Im just worried that if I have a link going to my money site from each article it might be picked up by the big bad Google. I am I right or just being a pussy?
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    @bellathecat78 - Everyone has their own approach. On contextual properties, we are really talking about one article - not an entire website. I think it is pretty natural for a single article to have only one link-out.

    Contrast that with a private network that you might own of real websites, just as an example. Those are actual websites with multiple posts. In that scenario, it looks more natural to have a few link-outs to different websites - because you have multiple posts on each website.

    None of this is set in stone in either direction. As long as you understand the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish, and you have a balanced approach when you take into consideration everything you do, seo-wise, it will all be good.
  • bellathecat78bellathecat78 Cardiff, Wales
    As usual great advice Ron.  ^:)^
  • ronron SERLists.com
  • What about this?:

    Do I need to build only dofollow links to 'Project C - PR1+' or 'Project - C [Tier 1]'?
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    @Unknown717 - Do you have that set-up correctly? That looks like an 8 tier project  :-/
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    @Unkown717 ;I don't think that's set up correctly.

    Secondary links are not part of a tiered structure, that's why they are secondary links. If that makes sense. :P
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    ^^ @Sedonic said it perfectly. You only tier the contextual projects in a straight line. Then with each contextual project, you create a sub project of junk links.
  • Wow, since day one I've been doing this set-up, I followed this picture: 

  • ronron SERLists.com
    @Unknown717 - That is the correct way to set it up, but that is not how you set up your projects. For example, only T2 uses the verifieds of T1. T2A uses the verifieds of T2.

    You created a vertical staircase with all projects linking in a straight line - that is not how you do it.
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    @Unkown717 In the same thread where the scheme you posted comes from is also a sample project setup, if you haven't noticed:


    You aren't supposed to build (tiered) backlinks to your secondary links, that's what they are for.
  • @ron Sorry I'm very confused right now. :-?
    @Sedonic That's the one that I wanted to create.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. I'm so confused right now.. :-??


    I have done this:

    |Money site|
    Tier 1 -> Money site (Project - C)
    Tier 2 -> Tier 1 
    Tier 3 -> Tier 2

    Secondary links PR3+ -> Money site (Project - C)
    Secondary links PR1+ -> Project - C [Tier 1]
    Secondary links PR0+ -> Project - C [Tier 2]
    Secondary links PR?+ -> Project - C [Tier 3]

    (It took me about 30 minutes to write this wow.)
  • @ron, can you please show me how to create correct tiering process in GSA? I'm digging already but i cannot find a step by step process to make a basic tiering.

    Thank you
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    Hello @sven @ron @2Take2,

    I have a newbie question and sorry about that.

    Do you have any idea why i cannot Check the box "Edit Tier Filter Options " ? its unclickable everytime i tried it Please help

    Here's the screenshot of what im referring: http://screencast.com/t/CrW4iRl4KHw4

    Thank you
  • @philippines, assuming you've got more than one project (i.e. another project to build tiers to) then off the top of my head I'd say that it sounds like it's some kind of bug.

    I know it's a bit of a pain, but try building the project again from scratch (don't use the 'duplicate' function).
  • @2Take2

    I don't have any project yet because i switched to different VPS Provider (the vps you recommended) I'm planning to create 1st project and tier them all.
  • Thank @2Take2 and @deNiro72

    I figured out now that i need to have 1 old project in order to fill the "Edit Tier Filter Options"

    sorry for my ignorance.

    So im gonna follow the SERLIST thread " 4 Ways To Optimize Tiered Linking Campaigns" into my T2 Correct? Because i cannot check the  "edit tier filter option" without having an old list created.

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    @PHILIPPINES Old project? I think you're lost. You don't need any old projects. Have you ever thought of why you would need an old project? To try to make sense of it? :/

    Your T1 should link directly to your money site, and not to a higher tier (in your case a (random) old project?). That's the reason why you cannot check  "Use verified URLs of another project" in the first tier project settings because it's the beginning of the tiered scheme where links are build directly to the money site.

    Only T2 and lower should build on verified links of the previous tier. So obviously you can't do that for tier 1, because there is no previous tier at that level - just the money site. With all tiered link building schemes there's a beginning and an end. The money site is where it begins, the last tier where it ends.
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    What I'm referring for the Old Project is the previous project, the reason that i cannot enable the "tier Filter Options" is because i dont have any project i created. this is my 1st project with my new VPS. It's already fixed now

    Thank you so much, Now i understood everything buddy!
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    I think I have it now, I will keep you guys up-to-date.  pics deleted.
  • @ron Thank you for your work. BTW I'm a subscriber of your Verified list.

    Regarding step 3 of the instructions provided on this post; you indicated "take your list of contextual URLs".

    I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but am I to assume you are referring to the already "verified" Tier 1 links of each one of the projects I'm running?
  • ronron SERLists.com
    @utopianman - You are 100% correct. Don't be so startled that you understand this stuff - give yourself some credit! 

    Thanks for being a customer ^:)^
  • @ron - Thank you for your kind words.

    If I could venture to try my luck again. Has SERList published a tut recommending how many submissions should be considered for each tier on a Tiered 3 projects with sub-tiers for each main tier?
  • ronron SERLists.com
    @utopianman - No, but I would be very careful in light of Penguin 3.0 to be 'highly selective' in what you throw directly at any moneysite. Please spend time at the seo forums. Understand what causes penalties and the like. Then carve out a strategy, and own it. Put up multiple sites and test. Not trying to be evasive, but you need to arrive at a coherent strategy that will stand up against the filters.
  • @ron - Thank you for your insight!
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    @ron Why would it be crazy to check pa/da? I do it to filter out the garbage. The more refined your list the better. Keep it saved as a daily file and a full list. Trim it as far down as you can and then add back in some lesser stuff in good proportions. Keep refining and growing. Then build. And build. Stop blasting the cannons. Start aiming. Maybe you'll see success. Tools are only as good as the man behind em. Good luck to all.
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    @lmint - I don't think it is crazy. I do use it, but I think people have way, way overstated its importance. I keep track of it when I evaluate things, but it is one of the lesser metrics for me.
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    @ron Lesser metrics than what? I haven't found a cf/tf plugin yet, pa/da and mozrank seem to be the best way to find solid pages. What would be your main interest then? Thanks.
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    @lmint - Yeah, it's hard to put this into words because of the way our brains work subjectively (in weighing what's important), but I will take a swing at it.

    Let's say I have all sorts of metrics, including PR, PA, DA, TF, CF, TF-CF,MR, MT, etc. So there is a lot going on, and sometimes a low metric on one of those can be ok in one situation, and not ok in another situation. So it does get subjective. If you have done this for a while, I would call it a 'feel'.

    I'm not talking which services, plugins, or whatever to use. I'm just talking metrics. I give priority to PR and TF, and throw in TF-CF as well. The others are on a second tier of importance. But if something looks goofy on that second level, it has enough 'power' in my mind to make something suspect, and I take a pass. So it may be of lesser importance, but if it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I leave it behind.
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