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Project Structure

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited August 2012 in Need Help
I am trying different options with GSA SER. 

I'd like to get a little help with a broad structure and see what others are doing successfully. 

Let's say you have 1 money site. Then you have some web2.0 (e.g squidoo, tumblr., etc)

Currently I have:
1) Quality links (with filters) to money site and sub pages. (50% of links to homepage and 50% to rest of sub pages). (Excl. TRackbacks, pings, indexer sites)
2) External Blogs (e.g. tumblr, etc) (Less filters, but still good links, also excl. Trackback, indexer, ping sites)
3) Article Project (only submit to PR3 Article Sites)
---> 3a) Article Project Tier 2. (Only use lists)
4) Directory Project (only submit to PR3 directories)
-->4a) Directory Project Tier 2. (Only use lists)

It just gets a bit complicated maintaining this for 20 websites, with all the updates and new platforms added. So for 1 money site I have 6 projects. 

Is anybody doing it differently or have any better ways of doing it? Do you recommend combining any of the projects? (I used to have the articles & directories combined thus only having 4 projects per money site instead of 6, but increased it due to advice about doing articles separately)

I also prioritise the site with a ++ and leave all the rest at the normal setting. 

Let's get some feedback on what everyone else is doing if you have more than 1 money site you are promoting!


  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    You can do whatever you want. To keep it simple merge money site + external blogs and highPR (articles, directories,...) into another project.

    The more fragmented your projects, the more maintaining obviously. If you are complaining about to much maintaining than merge your projects. Easy as that.
  • what do you mean by merging?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    edited August 2012
    @Ozz - how do you structure it for multiple money sites and external blogs that point to your money site?
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    With "merge" I meant to fuse the "article project" and the "directory project" into only one "article+directory project".

    @GlobalGoogler: As I said you can do whatever you want and it differs from project to project.

    This could be one structure:

    Project A
    -> PR1, 100 OBL: remaining engines
    -> Tier 2, PR0, 100 OBL, global list: blogs, forums, the quick and easy platforms (w/o ping, indexer, referrer)
    -> Tier 3, PR 0, 200 OBL, global list: same engines as Tier 2
    -> HighPR Project A: Forums, Guestbooks, Blogs
    -> Tier 2
    -> Tier 3
    -> Article/Directory, PR1
    -> Tier 2
    -> Tier 3

    Just be creative and if thats to much work to maintain than keep it simple.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    1) How are you doing external sites? (e.g. wordpress, tumblr, etc) (are you combining this with the money site)
    2) What about money site subpages? 

    So at the moment I see you have 3 main projects and then some sub projects. 
  • ronron

    GG, I think you are basically on track. Here's what I do:

    Project 1: Highly selective filtered links to Moneysite

    Tier 1: Your quality web2.0 properties

    Project 2 / Tier 2: Only article-based platforms firing at Tier 1

    Project 3 / Tier 3. Only article-based platforms firing at Tier 2

    Project 4: The kitchen sink firing at Project 2 / Tier 2

    Project 5: The kitchen sink firing at Project 3 / Tier 3

    I don't have any problems with GSA efficiency doing it in this manner. The only thing I will add though is I try to create a certain number of properties going across in tier 2 and tier 3, and then shut those projects off, and then focus link juice from the kitchen sink projects into those tier 2 & 3 properties.

    Otherwise it gets out of control and you are diluting links across too many tier 2 & 3 properties. It is very hard to build up PR in your tiers if you are going nuts building the tiers sideways to infinity. At some point you have to create a limit. Then your GSA resources will become more focused on firing at those tiers. So you create the tiers to fire the links at, and once it is built, then focus on firing those links at those tiers.

    Just my $.02, and hope it helps.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ron - Thanks!

    I suppose now, the next question is how do you handle your process for 20 websites and their attached web2.0's?
  • ronron

    As an example, I have set GSA to create about 20 articles for each web 2.0 (on tier 2). Then 20 more articles for each article to create my tier 3.

    I have to be honest though, I know plenty of people that rank well with only a 2 tier setup. So lately I am going with just 2 tiers, and having separate projects to fire at both tier1/web2.0 and tier2/articles. I'm concerned about the efficiency of GSA and not wasting it on an unecessary tier. That's where my head is now.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks! I'm going to start simple and focus on high quality links to my money site. Then I will add the various tiers!
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