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Where can i set up the private proxy

edited December 2012 in Other / Mixed
i run gsa few days and today i order squid proxies, how ever, i dint use any private proxy before, how can i set up in gsa?


  • i clear the proxy list and added Ins
    like 173.***:8800
    is that right?
  • If that is right.
    is this normal when the running threads showing 0 most of the time
    how can i improve that?
  • SvenSven
    The status bar should show at least one proxy if it is enabled and you see green items in the proxy list. Please wait at least 30 seconds as the number is not updated in real time but each 30 seconds.
  • Please provide screenshots so we can provide a good answer to your question. Coz sometimes pictures are more clearer than words . Thank You.
  • if you are using private proxies uncheck "automatically disable bad proxies on use" in  '-->Options -->Submission -->Configure -->Options' as SER will use your private IP when all of your proxies died out.

    this will result in 'proxies = 0' in your status bar.

    how to setup your proxies is shown in one of S4nt0s videos: 
  • thank you all
    i think the private proxy is added right.
    however, the progress seems stop, i dont know why
    i think there is nothing to do with update,whats the matter?
    any here came across such question today?
  • SvenSven
    please provide some log lines as I don't know where the problem is.
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