Got only 7 verified Links!

Hi there,
i am new at GSA SER but read much about it and how to make the best projects.
so i started a new project on money site but took only wikis, web 2.0s etc.
i am using RED package. i imported the list and clicked on start. and i am using 20 semi dedicated proxies with 160 threads.
i got only 7 verified links from the list from 12k domains ? did i something wrong?
in the logs i got many pr 0 - too small errors because i set pr >1


  • ronron
    edited September 2014
    Hi dude, thanks for the business!

    There is a learning curve. The Web2.0's require a subscription to another service (SEREngines), so that platform will not produce links unless you subscribe. Some of us subscribe, but most of us don't use that platform, just as an fyi. A lot of us use services like Rankwyz and FCS Networker to create our own web2.0's.

    Anyway, the PR limit will definitely yield less links - a lot less links. Remember that in real life a normal distribution of websites - most will be NA or PR0. Just like the bell curve from statistics classes. So there are simply less PR links out there (as a proportion) than you might think.

    For those of us that use SER on our moneysite, we are using it at low linkbuilding levels with a PR filter. So no problems there.

    On lower level tiers, many start removing the filters. Then the amount of links increases dramatically. 

    Then on top of that, most of us will post to the same site more than once (a setting) on lower tiers, thus further increasing link production.

    When you hear or see people bragging about their high LPM or massive amounts of verified links (guilty as charged lol), that means that they have a robust number of projects with a lot of lower level projects. And those lower level projects are set to make maximum links.

    If you think you have a problem, the absolute best thing you can do (and we all do it) is to post screenshots of our SER screens and let people evaluate and comment on it. That's how we do it here. Everyone helps, and everyone gets helped. And if you are unsure how to post screenshots, just say something. It's easy.

  • Hi ron thanks for the fast and informative reply! So shouldn't use PR filter and subscripe to seregines ? how much does it cost ? and i can post screenshots or do you want some special ?
  • ronron

    SEREngines has their own sales thread - look at the top of the forum for the stickied announcement posts.

    I'm not saying to not use the PR filter. If you are building direct links to the moneysite, I would recommend a PR filter. On lower levels, not so much.

    I'm not sure you really have a problem.

    Just to make it somewhat fun for yourself, why don't you create the spam project from hell. Check all platforms and engines. Set the URL to be yahoo or bing or something like that, set no limits, allow it to post on the same site more than once, no filters of any kind...the spam project from hell. Give it some new emails too, don't forget.

    And then clone that beast a few times and stick in some new emails in each one. And hit Start. Then tell me if you have any problems.

    You need to see how well SER works, but it is hard to see the potential of SER + List until you have enough projects. By adding these dummy projects, by the way, you will build way more of those links into your verified folder, and faster.

    So don't forget, you buy lists, but you also are creating your own list as you go. So having test projects running just to suck in more links to your verified folder is a good thing. 

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