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Problem with Catalyst Web CMS - no spaces

edited September 2014 in Bugs
I have problem with engine Catalyst Web CMS. It dosn't put spaces between links (anchors) and text.

[...] information regardingAnchorTextHere kindly bla bla bla [..]

AnchorTextHere = is a place for link.

Can I fix it manually or I should wait for software update?


  • SvenSven
    can you send the project backup? I don't see why this would happen from source.
  • How can I do that?
  • SvenSven

    1. right click on the project->modify->backup

    2. upload on e.g.

    3. send me the link in pm

    Also let me know one of the verified urls.

  • SvenSven
    fixed on next update
  • anyone able to post to this engine in the last 2 days? not a single one submitted in a 300 urls verified list..
  • @rogerw

    nope. looks like catalyst platform has fixed something to prevent us from posting. going to take a look at it now. maybe something similar to what xpress did. :(

  • Being that my partner and I identified and had this engine coded several months before it was in GSA. I feel it's only fair that I pronounce it dead.

    Cause of death: Death by newbie.

    Should've never been added to GSA by default.

  • Yes,so sad
    We said Goodbye to zendesk 2weeks ago and now catalyst cms

    R.IP catalyst cms ,we will forever miss you! 

  • SvenSven

    they made all posted new topics invisible even for regular logged in users. It's some kind of bug.

    However next version allows posting as a reply to existing posts. Not optimal but better than nothing.

  • Strange becouse for me all posts are normal visible. I have checked from different IP and with cleared all cookies...

    But still links are created without space.

  • SvenSven
    should not happen really on new update.
  • it only posts as a reply, even in the last should post as a new post in 9.01 or in the next version?
  • SvenSven
    it is only posting as reply for now. A new topic is no longer working. Even if you try to post by a browser, you don't see the URL. The ID is unknown to open the correct link.
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