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Automatic check for blacklisted email & replace if required (I think it's far better than catchall)

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Catchall is good but I think you can easily get banned on the domain level if you are a heavy SER user like me. (think about all the spamming you do in your lower tiers for all your projects!) So all your domain emails will be blacklisted no matter what they are. Also you can't use catchall email on your own moneysite domain!!. I don't think this is a smart move at all. Not only your domain will be blacklisted on Famous spam services but some REALLY angry webmasters will go ahead and file some complains to your hosting company!! or/and try to blacklist your site as a malware/bad reputation domain on some famous services!!. And believe me this is easier than you might think it is. That means you will get in SERIOUS troubles and to avoid this you have to buy new domains,manage them , host them..etc then use catchall email on them!!!. And that really sucks for the most of us.

So my suggestion is to have an " Automatic check for blacklisted emails in x amount of days and replace them if required " as follows example  :

1- Text file with all our hotmail accounts loaded like this


2- SER automatically grab a random working email from this file each time a new project is added ( let's say it's email number 1 for instance ) and change the text file to :


So now GSA SER knows that email-1 is already used and will not pick it up on the next run.

3- After X amount of days according to user settings , SER will automatically check emails in each project for blacklisting on major services and if the email is blacklisted it will verify all emails in the blacklisted email first then mark it as blacklisted on the text file and replace it with the next random email available on file ( email-3 for instance ) ... so the file will look like this :


And so on!

I think this will be a killer feature!. All we have to do is to load the file with a 500 fiverr emails every now and then and let SER do it's magic!. And you will never have to worry about blacklisted emails again and/or go through the hassle of changing/editing 30/40 projects every now and then! or setting up new catchall emails/host them/ manage them...etc.

@Sven What do you guys think ?


  • since i use catachall i have to admit i freakin love it, however you might be right on that one, i am not such a heavy user, and if i would it would b rather easy to simply blacklist my mail domain, even thou i made it tricky in terms of regging a domain like or something with in the name so to say, makes it look more valid, i also did put a fake email site on it

    so should not be blacklisted to begin with,

    however i admit as heavy user like you, its of value to have some other solution

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    I totally agree with you. This feature will benefit heavy users in the first place and I think there are plenty of them out there. But I think it will be very very useful for others too. To name a few , some of the benefits for the average user are :

    1- You don't have to worry about your email gets blacklisted and slowing down your projects while you don't know about it.
    2- You save the time you spend editing 10/15 projects one by one to change emails every week/month.
    3- You save the time you spend setting up new domains / catchall emails. ( using catchall email on your domain is a catastrophe! imo )
    4- You save the money you spend for getting new domains for catchall emails.

  • I have been using the same catchalls for over 4 years with some heavy weight software, lfe, SB and gsa and never had a tld banned. It's a nice idea but I think your giving the problem too much emphasis. If you can show that catchalls are being banned at domain level I would be willing to start being more concerned with the problem itself :)
  • I just NOT post to sites that reports spam eMails.
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    Good to hear that. I would recommend you to check the domain you are using for catchall emails on these services

    Just to double check. And keep in mind that some folks will just use their own moneysite domain for catchall emails! to save the extra cost of buying new domains/managing them. Why they should risk their moneysite with something like that? , I use the service of some famous spam filtering services on my moneysite to prevent spammers and I DO find some of them get banned for using a banned domain. Not only the email. Twitter, Wordpress and most high quality web 2.0 sites always ban spammers at the domain level a LOT. ( I guess we will use SER for these soon after the platform trainer is released hopefully soon , keep in mind that using these quality sites is a must post penguin though )

    Also , Did you assign a new IP address for the catchall domain on your server or no ? if no then I'd suggest you to read more here.

  • Thanks for that and the link, I will have a read. I do check my catchalls against those services and to date, no issues....all mine are on free domains. I agree that you want to keep them detached from ur ms just to keep things clean ;)
  • @mamadou Really a great idea, it will save a lot of checking each day for emails getting blacklisted. Especially when mulitple projects are running. I am not using catchall right now and with the threads i read about this subject, i am not sure if it's smart to take the risk.
  • @bulletproofx

    Catchall is 100% safe ONLY if you used it on a separate domain and separate IP address other than your moneysite.

    I'm just looking for something more convenient without the hassle of setting up new domains and paying extra $ for the hosting,domains,IP address ...etc.
  • This idea is EXACTLY what I need -- EXACTLY.

    We need this implemented!

    Catchall domains are convenient, sure... but that's like swimming in the ocean in a known shark infested waters. The odds of you being attacked aren't GREAT... but they are still there. That domain gets blacklisted.... all links built by that domain go poof. No something I like to see.
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    >> Catchall domains are convenient, sure... but that's like swimming in the
    ocean in a known shark infested waters. The odds of you being attacked
    aren't GREAT... but they are still there. That domain gets
    blacklisted.... all links built by that domain go poof. No something I
    like to see.

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. I was thinking that I can do this idea with an external tiny program (using Ubot) that grabs the emails from the projects files and make the blacklisting check then replace it if necessary. But the problem is I'm not sure if the project data are stored in text based files or database ? of course if it's text based it will make the process a lot easier and seamless.

    @Sven Can you tell me please about the project data files ? is it stored in text files ? if yes , where are they ?

  • project files are stored in your %appdata% folder. you can open the project files with a text editor but if i'm not wrong than your email password are encrypted and can't be changed that easily within the file.
  • What does SER stand for? My first guess would be Search Engine results.

    You can get free blacklist monitoring at: Unlock The Inbox

    And why is having a Catch All Domain for emails considered bad? I'm confused, I use a catch all because people mis-spell my email address all the time. 
  • @Ozz

    Thanks for your help , where can I find this folder ?


    SER = Search Engine Ranker

    Catch All is not bad though. You can safely use it for that purpose. But if you use it in link building tools you better put it on another domain not your moneysite & make sure you put it on another IP address as well.

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    Or better yet, what @Sven could do is automatically replace the emails..

    Here's what I mean, if you have a hotmail account (This works with any email):

    What GSA could do is automatically add a "+" sign and then add random characters behind the plus sign so it would become a unique email and the end result would look like this:

    All emails will still go to: but to the website, it would seem like a completely new email.
  • OzzOzz
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    @mamadou: copy/paste %appdata% to "search programs and files"
    and go from there to ...\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects

    @Robby54: i think that was discussed already somewhere and won't work as the complete "email structure" will be blacklisted. in case you want try out just spin your email like
    which will result in for example.
  • @mamadou
       Can you explain to me in a little more detail about the catch all - I have an email at Sometimes I get all kinds of spam, from people sending mail to which don't exists. sometimes it cause they spelled my email wrong like 

    When you say link building tools, you mean making a different email address up to make those links, so they are not associated to your real domain? How do those link building tools affect your ip - domain, email wise. I guess that's where I am getting confused. I never used link building tools, that might be where I am missing something. 

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    Yep, found it and it's encrypted. @Sven what kind of encryption you use for email passwords ?


    Take a look at this video to get an idea on how these tools work. and you can even buy it! , it's a great tool.
    We use these tools to register on sites ( using emails of course ). After that you can read my thread again to understand what is the problem we are discussing here.
  • @Sven

    Can you shed some light on the way you encrypt the email password in the project file ? Can I edit it from the file directly and place it without encryption?  or it's not gonna work like this ?
  • SvenSven
    Of course you will not get me in a situation explaining how to decrypt the password. Than I would as well leave it unencrypted in the file. Sorry just life with it that you can not decrypt it. 
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    I will make a small bot (u-bot) to check for email blacklisting automatically in all projects and replace them if necessary. 

    I do NOT want to know how to encrypt/decrypt it. I just want to know what is the type of encryption is compatible with the GSA SER? (md5 or whatever?)

    Do you recommend me to bother with encryption process first before replacing it ? or it doesn't really matter ?

  • SvenSven
    I don't get your question really. The way the password is crypted shouldn't matter to you. It is no standard algorithm and you should stop digging deeper really as it makes no sense working on it. Just ignore that ini value and all should be fine.
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    Totally agree that this function should be added.
  • This function would be amazing. Saves so much time. Can this be added @Sven‌
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